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SPOT Tracking Device is NOW set to follow Crazy Larry’s ADventures.
He will be announcing at the Provincial Endurance Series Championships “August weekend of 25th – 26th” ,2012
Follow me LIVE  Jasper to Banff after the race by going to link below.
Staying a few days in Jasper to gather logostic problems like getting a bike rack carrier for my knapsack and fanny pack to sit on.Then, Bike riding back along IceField Parkway Highway Jasper to Banff on August 30th > 31st.
Depart: possibly at Friday early morning > 3 am – 4 am is the plan.
Wow! I just checked before going to bed (before the ride) its forecasting rain. Cory Wallace’s wonderful super nice mom just came home before heading back to Columbia IceFields (where I’ll try meet her for a nice surprise visit if nothing goes wrong) and she said, “The weather Crazy Larry looks terrible for Columbia IceFields” Yuko!
I replied > “Bring it ON !!! “
I hope its snow though…and if its rain, well, bring it on too! I LOVE STORMS TO BITS !! *(HA! When I have the proper equipment that is….just lacking booties covers for bad rain) and warm top (something like summit series 900 down parka North Face) for cold conditions. (missing for this trip only….will try to obtain in some way so that future trips will be safer)

*** However, all that might change…meaning weather !

Present Problems:

Was NOT able to buy a specific fit bike rack carrier to fit a bike with DISC brakes any where in Jasper let alone surrounding area towns like Hinton/Banff/Canmore/even trying MEC didn’t allow for the time it took to get it to the bus station and then up to me via Brewster Bus Lines; here for 8pm before the next day! Wow!
Trying (Presently – August 30th,Thursday) to get Bicycle Cafe / Canmore to get one on a Brewster bus Thursday 12:15 pm – 12:30 pm.  No where in Hinton, Jasper, Banff, Canmore did they have a 29’er Disc compatible bike rack carrier for my Salsa.
I am going to do this ride a few more times …to get back to my plan of originally doing it with Tour Divide Gear X 5  – 10 times.
Who says you have to stay indoors because its raining or a windy snow storm; Even riding the bike is still FUN for the challenge. After all isn’t life all about conquering the challenges given to you!? Practice makes perfect “AND” FUN !!!!!!!!!

*** Watch SPOT GPS for any changes.
Take a PEEK!

August 31st,2012 – Friday
Trip Itinerary ‘LIVE on Location Sunwapta Falls Cabins Location lobby’
Dept. 7:45 am
Left Jasper in major hail storm / harsh rain to the point where I made my own snowball ! Downpour rating (scale 1 – 10; 10 being the hardest) 9 – 10 yes! Cats and dogs downpour! Big drops!
Rained with me all the way down the highway off and on for about 20 km. When it did let up I got interested in taking many pictures of the trash you could see so easily along side the shoulder dotting the landscape in a very sick way which was really bugging me!!!! It was like a knock on the head….Crazy Larry, you’d better do something!
There was LOTS! Took pictures / video of each piece to get as many as I could…..
I told each company on camera if you have any amount of honour and integrity like you put quality into your product as I advertise on camera for you….then ‘Please’ sponsor me for some equipment to pick it up for my We’re Not Trash Club’. I’m presently trying to get it off the ground. We need to pick this all up. It looks indispicable!
We need T Shirts, Trash Pickers, etc. That slowed my trip right down a lot. But I was enjoying myself emmensely!!!!
While enjoying my day to a different tune…all this picture taking of trash… as I didn’t expect to slow down for nothing; I soon ran into a nice girl in a van on the side of a pull out at Wabassa Trail Head.
The conversation was so so enjoyable that I landed up excepting a home-made coffee for my trip. We got aquainted fast (over a 1/2 hr of sharing stories of each others lives the world and what we were doing and said our good-byes. Amazing the people you meet on this highway! Wow!
Her meeting just added to the enjoyment of the trip which is now not about setting any speed records! Yup!  AT this point of posting this to my BLOG your reading now….I’m already down the highway a ways about 56 km or so.

Along the way of riding down the IceField Parkway….I ran into another couple Steph and Chris and road almost to Rangers Station Warden Cabin going up the hill with them. AT a pull out, the pain from not having a bike carrier and the weight of my knapsack on my hips is now wearing me out fast; even though I try to push through the pain. Nuts! I knew it….I just knew it!

NO proper bike carrier rack = logostical nightmare for problems like pain management due to not having one. IN previous year I had one with a FreeWheel Cycle Cyclocross Bike being sponsored to me with a bike rack included.

So….NO speed records today….No ‘One Push all the way to Banff’  NOT.

> Remember  (as you read this) I’m now at Sunwapta Falls / Cabins / Lodge….down the highway about 56 km in the lobby on their computer updating this trip ‘for you!’

Enjoying SUPERB homemade soup (Annually) is off the wall GREAT – every time!

This soup is really something to look forward to ‘each and every year’ while riding this ride down the IceField Parkway.
Stewart (General Mngr) is still working here now for 14 years. Wow! Good stuff…as it is GREAT to see him and the staff ‘every’ year; as the “Staff here are So So friendly and nice to everyone! So GREAT !

They hooked me up with super size bowl of homemade chicken soup with TONS of veggies and chicken pieces in it …fit for a cyclist pushing it. They even through in 6 – 8 slices super tasty swiss cheese chopped to perfection and thrown in to melt away in my mouth. Wow! I kid you not ” OFF THE WALL GOOD !!! ”

Got some fruit trays X 2 and a tuna sandwich that with ‘one bite’ started the process of an upset stomach which turned out to be very uncomfortable along with cramping from the extra weight to hold up the belt with knapsack laying on it as a result of not finding a proper bikerack carrier behind the seat.
It was not be ….apparently for having carbon fiber stays going to the back axle and Disc brakes added to the logostic problem of couldn’t find a carrier that was a proper fit.

Only one solution that I can see = Tour Divide Bags!

Now I’m here ticked off I have no extra battteries for the GoPro to take pictures of Tangle Ridge when I make a go of ONE PUSH all the way up on ‘this time” my very own Salsa ‘Mamasita’ 29’er! Amazing feeling….and also disappointing because ‘now’ I’m feeling crampish in the stomach area because of so much pressure without the bike carrier and the knapsack weighing down on the fanny pack. A problem I solved with the carrier in years gone by.
This year….another pain the butt problem! I knew was maybe, going to happen and is why I tried to get the bike carrier at X 4 different towns; all the way to Calgary. But time out of Calgary and knowing someone to do it with such short notice didn’t work out for me.

Now I have the idea to get back at this highway – BIG TIME! OH ya!

I want to do it now a few times with proper gear that I know that’ll work.

This highway although Amazingly beautiful can chew you up…and literally kill you dead in your tracks from not bringing proper gear. Those who have attempted it and made it miserably can attest to this theory vividly probably like their ride was just yesterday. Ya just don’t forget the misery too quickly! ha!

I know I haven’t.

So I’m staying at Sunwapta Falls till the battery gets charged.
Right now, I’m going to look for a place outside (I think) to see if I can get the cramping stomach to subside …seems from the tight tight fanny pack …plus, marks to boot from the fanny pack putting tons of pressure on any and all crease marks of underwear or merino wool top tucked in tailored tucked it still hurts. Crap! Logostic nightmare in the making for possible disappointment.

I would LOVE to be in Canmore for Saturday Morning to Announce with Tony Smith the Canadian National Xterra Championships. I just don’t know at this point…where I’m going to end up.
Quite possibly at a hostel to rest. Crap again!! Crap! and NUTS NUTS !

I will just do my best with the conditions that prevail.

The bike is holding up nicely and the custom seat from Bicycle Cafe in Canmore …the boys dialed me in Superbly with their professional advice to get this seat made for my butt specifically !! OH ya! That decision is worth the million dollar remedy when biking long distances down the highway like IceField Parkway.

Off I go.
That’s it for now.
Time > 4:47 pm

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