2013 Tour Divide Race

Group Photo Tour Divide 2014 YWCA resize2013 Tour Divide Race YWCA Annual Grand Dept Group Shot (below at end of article)

2014 went off with a 6 day Continued down pour of rain. And I was hating life; because I love a BAD Ass Storm; and couldn’t go.

*BELOW 2013 / 2014 articles.


9:45 am

Mike Hall presently out front as per Spot tracking……
Craig Stappler following closely….

Both leading the pack.

This year brings about 143 participants from all parts of the Globe in a HUGE way!
*Remembering the fact that you are participating is a testimony of who you are as a person.
Remembering also that you ‘are the one’ who is going to be able to share ALL your experiences along the way with not only those you love and are dear to your heart but all those counting on you to finish and have a wonderful time.

Although this is rated and very well respected as the ‘Toughest Race in the World’ it is definitely one of the most adventurous in its own way. A ride where camaraderie flourishes and honour is at an ALL time ‘high high’ ! I say, high because TDR riders are very careful to not litter; respect the outdoors; respect one another; and help when in trouble as per how the rules state.
See Ruleshttps://tourdivide.org/the_rules
Follow Racers here: https://www.tourdivide.org/leaderboard

Special Shout out goes to those people in the background who help make it tick who without notice you might not know who they are.
*They are in no special order:
Joe Polk at MTBCast (podcast call-ins)
Whereby riders can phone in 24/7 at any time to let everyone know how they are doing. Also it is encouraged to ‘check in’ when dropping out of the race the ‘very morning of the next day’
Toll Free Comment Line:

Also special shout out to: Matthew Lee of Tracker.com
Matthew Lee going through all the logistics of making sure your get on the Tracker Map of the Tour Divide Tracker Map at the website https://www.tourdivide.org/leaderboard
Matthew Lee a previous 5 X World Champion and World Record holder of the Tour Divide in its infancy stage of when it started; or shortly there after.
Crazy Larry decided to surprise the previous World Record Holder (Mat Lee) with a spontaneous ‘Very surprising’ call with a TDR riders Iphone… with a conversation with Matthew Lee right at Crazy Larry’s Question & Answer low key advertised (only TDR riders) meeting held at the Elk & Oarsman Pub (located at the 1st Cross-walk) in downtown Banff when leaving a popular meeting place ‘The YWCA Hostel’

The call to Matthew: Allowed ALL riders to stay calm with the HUGE query as to when the race was actually starting? We asked Mat along with several other questions as to what alternate routes are mandatory to take?; Matthew added to say “No drafting guys….No help self supported remember” Along with comments like those he added a “HUGE French saying Bon Chaunce! > Best Wishes/Good Luck! to ALL ! ! !

YWCA – Amazing people Amazing place ensure that each riders receives special attention with having a wonderful HUGE room called appropriately “The GREAT Room” a large cathedral ceiling room reserved to allow them to put the many many bikes together that get shipped from around the world; a place to mingle and share stories.
June 11th, 2014 ~ NEW management DID NOT book the GREAT ROOM for the Tour Divide Racers. However, the dining room banquet area directly across from the Bistro Restaurant will be available. 
(This last year 2013 , the low key was amazing broken with the Parks Canada Administration meeting on that very day before the race …with The Great Room shut down for use for the Parks Canada Administration to talk about improving garbage pickup etc. in the campgrounds and amazingly it coincided with the exact date of the Tour Divide Race! Go figure! Whew! Amazing coincidence eh! for 12 – 14 yrs of a race deeply involved in keeping this race low key) Oh well. Business is business; Crap happens eh!? Nothing was purposely done, that’s for sure!

June 14th.10:45 am 2013 update

Craig Stappler NOW in 1st place ……(as per SPOT tracking)

Well the 2013 is off and I will be tracking and posting maps copy pasted right off the Tracker.com site of the www.tourdivide.org/leaderboard website.

ok to the front of the YWCA quickly to do my personal MTBCast Call-in of which I forgot …from lack of sleep. Rats !

God’s speed you guys! / Gals !
Way to go for trying!


2014 Tour Divide Race – Comments / Updates

June 10th,2014

*** So you know Tour Divide Racers reading this….

June 11th, 2014 ~ NEW management DID NOT book the GREAT ROOM for the Tour Divide Racers. However, the dining room banquet area directly across from the Bistro Restaurant will be available. 

Ran into a few TDR cyclist in front of the YWCA. Great spirits already!
After a bunch of introduction with many in suspense to meet me I couldn’t figure out why? I’m just an ordinary guy who loves to help cyclist and anyone actually I can.
There were about 11 in a group…we broke off into groups chatted up a storm quickly about the TDR and its enduring challenges.

Everyone seems very excited at the same time the rookies worried and concerned of what is to come! Am I doing it right? Have I prepared properly? Are just some of the questions and queries the Question & Answer Session should answer. Held at the Elk & Oarsmen Restaurant Bar located at the 1st crosswalk as you head downtown Banff, Alberta.

I head out tomorrow to check out the two bridges approximately 21 km & 24 km respectively into the Spray Trail / Goat Creek Trail that were washed out last year in a huge flash flood. Hopefully, I can borrow a camera as the 4 GoPro’s I have are all broken. All the USB ports are loose or broke from poor manufacturer specks. I suppose that’s just how they make their money. eh!?

June 11th late at night….1:28 am

Definitely LOOKS – Like Rain ! Possibly two days straight to the border!
But you know the mountains….its quite possible it will be sporadic. Who knows? Kinda like a grizzly…ya never know!? eh!?

I’m checking the Elkford area well into the course and this is the link > http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/canada/british-columbia/elkford

Updating THIS LATE > So sorry gang! 

After a few days, trying to get use to how to log into my own website; always relying on my webmaster; I thought to be more independent and free up her valuable time. I was starting to feel guilty for being in debt to her for being so so nice for initially making one; and then helping out with maintaining it, too!

Well as it stands now (*This being April 6th. 2015) and I’m finally updating my blog of the TDR.
I had an cycling accident. I thought this was going to be a hiccup in the bigger picture; get’n to daily life doings; including my updating my website which I haven’t for a long time. So sorry. Reason: Life got busier. Yup! It DID.

I slowly got out of relying on the wonderful / AmaZzzing donations that poured in immediately after my accident of which I’m eternally grateful to Lisa Rosvold for stepping forward and making a GoFundMe webpage to get some necessary money towards living. Rent/Food/therapy/ambulance costs are just a few. After that, I have now gotten back into the work force which feels GREAT !

END of 2014 coverage; trouble of website. 🙁

Large Loud Cheer from this Group sounded the Grand Depart in an exciting anticipating way!

7:45 am Large Loud Cheer from this Group sounded the 2013 Grand Depart in an exciting anticipating way!……………… We’ll see about 2014? Picture to come here!

Please place your comments BEFORE  …….or ………After 2015 TDR.
And during is MUCH appreciated~ !

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Today I Ride for You – Riding for mom

How the story/idea started.

Here’s a letter to give you some facts…

August ~ 
Well its been a whirlwind of a journey learning about Cancer. Let me tell you that from having a mom who had cancer and has since passed on, it has now become my incentive to memorize every detail I learn while researching the heck out of Cancer. *Spreading the word is next. Story below.

Shane me at Ascent Physio Therapy Location Canmore Alberta

Shane Munro cheering on Crazy Larry
2013 Stationary Bike Ride Fundraiser
Two Locations: Canmore 50hrs Banff 84hrs Straight Riding
Ascent Therapy Shane Munro’s(owners Tent)

Going across Canada with my Salsa ‘Mamasita’ bike; Bob Trailer in tow with gear (facts below) was only an afterthought thinking I’ll be all the way across Canada visiting my mom in the hospital Cancer palliative care unit…. thinking I have to come back to Banff anyways, (to my NEW hometown in life) I might as well take full advantage of being almost all the way across Canada, and undertake a life long dream and make it come true! Lets bring the bike!

(*updated) ~ August 15th.2017
(*although not complete yet)

Now with the time frame into summer (*2017) it has brought Crazy Larry to a different set of logistics now that his mom has passed on.
From ordering winter gear and ensuring he has it – to custom made gear specialized to complete the trip he is now determined to pull it off in *2018 !

Simply go above email him under CONTACT to registered to follow him. You all will be able to monitor his heart rate, distance, speed and to each registered ‘follower’ user Plus + a “constant global GPS position on a google map”.

He still intends to bike ride the first ride of three as per his love of life – bad storms and helping others – especially kids / youth !

As Crazy Larry tells us, “There has been such an Enormous Effort in planning and preparation … that, I will not give in to winter weather. He wants to get the job done.

As a result of the pent up feelings of wishing to pull this off; Crazy Larry is more then revved/Cranked to do this trip. He has an amazing affinity to make a difference with the kids and youth that are out there. He thought why not at Skateboard Parks? There is a little society going on there he says.
Funds are extremely low … I’m even looking to buy an amazing Salsa BearGrease FAT Bike with those tires that are FAT for riding over the snowy conditions that will prevail, but certainly will not stop Crazy Larry from his now relentless pursuit to his endeavour.
And if getting the job done means ~ Rain, shine, sleet or harsh blowing snowy conditions he’s always gonna go! By the time all is said and done; an accumulated price tag of using his own money (if he can find it) $38,900 will do it. I use to be an electrician but the feeling to help others is so strong its unparalleled to that of anything else in my life.

Crazy Larry says, “I’d rather be helping someone rather than be in a hospital bed doing absolutely nothing. He mentions his favourite parable of which he admits openly he is guilty of – that of watching people act on TV. He realizes where does that get me? Where has it gotten me all my life to be shaped into doing such things? But these doings are the doings we get raised up doing. By parents that love us and raise us the best way they know how. They mean, absolutely no harm allowing us to watch TV. What person doesn’t like to do that? Our brains have been shaped by what ever it is our parents have taken the time to research learn and educate themselves with knowledge to help raise us. This shapes our brains to want TV on a whim to relax for entertainment or learn too!

My life has more meaning to accomplish something that makes a difference for a better world; especially for our kids and youth to simply understand you can make a difference if you just step forward. Learn some NEW ways for our species. He wants to make this a FUN experience by going to as many Skate Board Parks across Canada as he can visit.

While doing this he wishes to use his High Energy Announcing ways to perk up the kids/youth at each Skateboard Park with a NEW Custom made SHURE Axient Sound System ~ FULL complete system (*$45,000) with more than several wireless microphones to get the kids/youth involved too! Once bought it will get much use over the years of the investment. He figures another 50 yrs. He’s never stopping he says.
There is much to do!

“Its about empowering the kids and youth”, he says.
He plans to have stunning RAD uniforms that allow shoulder STARS to show years of service while colourful ribbons like the Air Force show doings deeds in the community. The foundation will be called “High Five Stay Alive Foundation”

Since receiving the Star of Alberta Award needless to say many a Government Minister is enthralled with the sincerity of this enormous endeavour!

Crazy Larry says,”It would be nice to have the backing of a Platinum Sponsor that can show there is someone else that thinks the way his heart does too!”
Its a teary – eyed subject when I even begin to think of a child getting Cancer. I want to bring the message with ‘current’ knowledge with guest speakers with a dream Nasa Control Centre type van camper trailer that will act as the Headquarters from location to location – he’s hoping and praying I might own one. For now, he’s content with biking it to show the sincerity. With logos for advertising the proud Foundation he’s formed. Each uniform will have the logo on it. He will also be armed with a AED portable defibrillator, complete first aid kit.

A generic way of thinking or just following the flow of a system that many leaders know doesn’t work allows you little or no chance to make a difference in doing something for a better world unless “You” step forward to do something.

So….. I AM.
Not to forget the many small communities across this continent that have kids and youth too! Crazy Larry will try in earnest to leave no one behind in hearing his message.

The present plan: Is to make it back to Banff, Alberta 3 days before Christmas to Banff, Alberta to do his 72 hr Marathon of Hope (now in its 14th year) whereby Crazy Larry stays up for an entire 72hrs (3 days)on downtown Banff bench ‘just to ensure with heart’ that those who are in need of a soft shoulder, a lending ear, free hugs, warm clothing from gloves hat to underwear, vouchers for everything from coffee, danish, meals, showers,canned goods, at times a hotel stay, FREE hot shower, a little Christmas Trees for homeless stuck in the bush, and a kit he’s put together for those who will have to bunker it out on the streets.

As Crazy Larry says,”You never know when someone is going to be walking the streets just down on their luck from splitting up with a boyfriend or girlfriend or have had a loss in the family due to Cancer (and going through a roller coaster ride of feelings of sadness and bewilderment like I did) and thinking “who is there to talk to? *I AM here”… and for those that are married having a possible bad argument walking the streets to cool off wondering what just went on…gone for that lonely walk *I am here; Many are thinking,”What on earth do I do now?” *I AM here. Those that are bullied walking alone no one to talk to cheer them up to validate what they’re going through *I AM here.

Crazy Larry says,”I remember a day when no one was there for me” “I never want that to happen on such a day when human beings that have such a capacity for being compassionate are caught up into material things instead of sharing their hearts!”
or land up using money to manipulate each other. There are so many honourable ways being lost in society. I gotta get out there and do this Tour.

Another item for Crazy Larry’s homeless program called “When They’re Not There” is:
A Tough Hockey bag – kit includes: sleeping bag or with 4 – 6 wool blankets Kit 1.for one person Kit 2. for two people(couple) Also includes various items to stay warm balaclava, hand-made wool hats. (*made by the amazing Sheila MacCready), tooth brush toothpaste, scope mouth wash, condom, floss, warm fleeced mitts.

The Original Plan: Cycle across Canada combining three ideas:

1. Visiting as many towns/cities as I can spreading the message of the NEW cures for Cancer available (now 2013) on the market. That if you pay attention to what you eat you can have a very good chance at fighting off Cancer.  Heck! There are actually CURES out there! I want while tying balloons announcing teach the kids / youth about being good citizens that eating healthier means a more vibrant you!
 Along the way this two year planned project A Skateboard Park Tour of Canada I will also now be combining with this bike trip that of spreading the message of Cancer Awareness (*current information), healthy nutrition and how it affects your daily life along with the message bullying, its profound effects that ‘Can’ (some times) last a life time. How bullying of others should never happen but it does. How it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that No one No more get bullied EVER again. It has become law in some states provinces schools.

There are many kids and youth who lack someone to Crank them up! Encourage them to be their best. To be a good citizen while learning well in school and out at street level.
2. To visit as many Skate Board Parks as is possible with a minimum of at least, documenting pictures of each along the way. Empowering each through the “High Five Stay Alive Foundation. A group of five will receive stunning Uniform shirts. The amazing FedEx Canada Courier Company will ensure speedy delivery and overnight service.
Very much inspired by Westjet’s Superior family feel and friendly staff I am going to knit together each Skateboard Park’s youth and kids to ALL feel like family.
 Westjet’s Amazing touching Christmas Wish to ALL = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIEIvi2MuEk

3. Touching base as a minimum with various Cycle Clubs – Fire Departments – Police Departments – Town Councillors – Mayors and video the youth where he can along the way for a revealing documentary to come! Many Fire Departments have already expressed HUGE enthusiasm to come out participate in any way they can….as many have their own daughters and sons that go to skateboard parks local to their area. Police too! (*Due to winter conditions it might just be a winter push to make it back to Banff without so many visits along the way)

*There will be: Additional consecutive trips (X 3) planned in the next three years that will allow completion of goals and endeavours.
During the next consecutive trips (with more time on his side) along with weather conditions Crazy Larry will be able to interview the many kids and youth that frequent the Skateboard Parks right across Canada. He will try to include stops and talks at various schools when asked along his travels.

 Crazy Larry is open to sponsors or those wishing to help him spread the word of: Not to bully others’ , being kind to one another, and that of “Empowering kids and youth to be responsible” to take care of their health with smart nutritional choices; Pointing out that your health is truly your wealth. Also doing as many good community deeds of good will as they can.  To take ownership of their own Skate Board Park keeping it litter free clean as if it were truly their own.

Crazy Larry will use his magic touch of explaining to those running the town and various businesses that the kids / youth are truly our future. It
He states, ” That it would be a wise instead of keeping money in the bank with the idea or feeling that this is all one’s personal money to instead, give and invest knowing that your changing your future by investing into our kids and youth. Money in the bank goes no where. That an honest effort of good will by the business sector giving to kids and youth will help pave the way to healthy thinking and decision making. This also empowers them to do good in this world.

After his mother passed away of Cancer June 2013 and he took it upon himself to study the nutritional ways that combat Cancer.
He now, studies nutrition through the Alive Academy.

                                                                July – August 2015
                                                               ~ New Challenges arise ~

*Long time ago, while being constantly exposed to the haunting ways of a dysfunctional family; parents constantly arguing family siblings adding fuel to an already stressful fire with every family visit from out of town; Larry found this all added up to affecting his health in a serious way.
Under Doctors orders Larry was strongly advised to leave his home city with the strong suggestion of  “It is time that you embark on your own hopes dreams and goals…..Instead of playing mediator over the years to a problem which wasn’t and isn’t yours….the problem between family members who seem to make it their way to constantly argue and have a controlling way…. over the years Larry has come to realize learn that in order to have the life you wish you must first make the choice followed by “Action”…reciting the words of Doctors orders given to him by note prescription long ago.

Unknown to other members of the family due to a chosen move away to cope which kept one sibling unaffected about the immediate stress that plagued Crazy Larry’s life style it was the luck of an understanding family Doctor who after countless visits during these extremely stressful times was able to prescribe to Crazy Larry some written out Doctors orders. These would inevitably change the course of Crazy Larry’s life and offer him much hope to pursue dreams of a peaceful life full of a loving surrounding in his chosen dream destination ” The Rocky Mountains”
Thanks to this loving Doctor who saw through his family problems affecting him to the core with the stress bringing the onset of a condition triggered by such stressful times called ” Shingles ” Painful to the touch, these fever type blisters created an “ever – lasting – reminder to Larry of what he must do to survive and have the life he dreamed of so often.

being affected by constant family disruptions ordered encouraged him to charge after his own hopes and dreams encouraging him to keep his distance from those family members who brought him down.

The trip is now looking to possibly be done during Fall / winter as a preliminary ride to training for his Epic Ride of the Tour Divide Route.

Winter will soon be upon me and the logistics of settling matters of my mom’s estate is STILL affecting this trip.

“It was my error to count on a brother who I haven’t seen for some 15 yrs to be highly cooperative in the logistics of challenges with settling monies dealing estate matter monies to trust other family members to honour mom’s wishes and all monies to be given to me in a timely fashion”
“While I had made time to fly back across Canada to my old hometown such was not the case. It was my hope all paperwork would simply be signed immediately. And my mothers wishes would be honoured and finished in a timely fashion” that was not the case. Everyone reacts differently to the passing away of a family member.
He says but I’m not going to cancel doing this trip. There are many kids and youth who are counting on me and are going to watch my progress ‘Right across Canada’
*However, even with the hurt of family dysfunctional problems that looms over Crazy Larry he states, “I am NOT going to disappoint both them and me!” “I’m way too excited to do this and finish it!”

Inspired by the many Tour Divide Racers, racers, and others that he has come to know in life, some that are personal friends re: Cory Wallace, Dave Macdowell, Leighton Poidevin, Stan McGee, Anna Mei, Milena Bettocchi, Beppe Salerno, Tarren Sohier, Brian Peric, Margie Smith, Syd Fraser, Jeff Perron, Aaron Sands, Sonia Lopes, Shane Munro, Collin Croston, Marzio Deho & Johnny Cattaneo, Max Morris, Tinker Juarez, Dasha Gaiazova, Chandra Crawford, Kamila  Borutova, Devon Kershaw, Ivan Babikov, Billy Rice, Dave Blumenthal, Alex Harvey, Len Veljas, Perriana Jones, Anna Mei, Milena Bettocchi, Beppe Salerno, Tarren Sohier,Brian Peric, Margie Smith, Syd Fraser, Jeff Perron, Tim Will Gadd, Aaron Sands and local Radio Host DJ ‘Rob Murray’ a life difference maker….

Many of these above athletes in the above list are good friends of Crazy Larry’s are also on the Canadian Olympic Team, Set World Records, World Cup athletes, Cycling Champions, National Champions. One friend, Kamila Borutova set a New Guinness World Record!
As Crazy Larry says he has learned, “You must first surround yourself with a thriving environment in order to thrive”. Having those friends I AM in GREAT company and the feeling is indeed “Priceless!”

Crazy Larry “We couldn’t agree with you more!
We have met a few of the above.
Everyone that has met you has spoken highly and very well of your ways and philosophies in life.
They only need to see the ‘HOMEpage’ of this website to see a ‘few’ of the wonderful comments from those admiring your doings.

I will be indeed doing this ride across part of Canada as a Introductory Cycling Trip. (1 of 3) with ALL the above mentioned propelling me to push and push.

The initial plan of the 1st ride will have me cycling to as many Skateboard Parks where many kids/youth flourish doing their thing to be happy a sport that makes their hearts sing.
My question is are they thriving? I want them to thrive!

If the atmosphere at their home is not of the thriving atmosphere then many go to the Skateboard Park as an escape where they can relate to others who can relate to them. A bond and mingling happens here beyond belief to many!
Many parents these days are busy with life having their own business many I find resort to just buying a skateboard BMX bike for their kids and off to the park they go to play. I do however, see some taking a pivotal role in validating what these kids are doing. I see some parents on site. It is however, a rare occurrence.
I intend to make it ‘Cool’ to have parents around. So parents be ready!
At most skateboard parks there is a little society formed. By them; Its there! No monitors rarely a parent. Remembering our school dances we always had a monitor/parent; it was Policy!

I want to use my announcing abilities to CRANK the Crowds of which I’ve been doing for some 14 yrs now at World Championship races such as 24 hrs of Adrenaline races and Provincial Championships to mention a few and teach them about making healthier choices when choosing the food they eat daily.
While announcing and CRANKING them up with my very own Custom Design Shure Axient Announcing System.

Included in the High Energy Event will be a barbecue involving businesses in the area / the local Fire Department / the local Police Department.
I want to motivate the kids and youth at the many mini societies that exist at Skateboard Parks. Many have no direction no goals no dreams but one that runs wild with some to engage in what others influence them to do re: drink stolen or under age bought alcohol or take and sell drugs as a source of income.

The Popular Spot Connect will allow me to be tracked (when there is no storm)  so that all radio / TV / and newspapers /Schools of students / Magazines who care to watch me travel across Canada will be able to track my EVERY move ! 24/7
I will also be using the Garmin Edge 810 for tracking my personal progress.This is an amazing device whereby I will be able to monitor my heart rate and speed ETA to various destinations and much much more! Thanks Garmin!
***I will be able to text right to Facebook along the way to ALL… AND actually text to the SAR (Search and Rescue) people my exact emergency should one arise and get their exact ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) !
The SPOT Connect – An Amazing GPS device!

Also amazing touring bags by Porcelain Rocket (Scott Felter) will have me being light while being organized to carry winter gear, clothing, balloons, electronics, camera, and water. This particular trip is not about being light but being thorough. There will be much harsh weather in desolate areas to contend with. Winter is here its November!
Hence, my reason for also carrying along a PLB – Personal Locating Beacon. SAR/911

The Bike Trip START will be cycled from Windsor, Ontario to Banff, Alberta.
It will be done in the same fashion as the movie Forest Gump Style.
Radio / TV / Newspaper will be notified allowing everyone to join in for an escort into any towns / cities
~ The distance cycled with me is up to them, whomever chooses to do so. (I know this 1st trip will dip into cold weather conditions) (We’ll see who can make it?)
Cycle Clubs – Fire Departments – Police Departments – Town Councillors – Mayors – maintenance workers – all city town employee’s all are invited to participate.

The Today I Ride for You Event will be an introductory Tour of Canada
1 of 3 Rides
 (Depart: Windsor, Ontario Oct/2013 ) Cancelled due to Family problems settling an estate with mom passing away of Cancer. Oh Darn!
2014 brings ON a NEW journey to finish!!!
(*Prince Edward Island July/2014)
(*Vancouver Island – July/2015 )
I will be visiting Skateboard Parks, talking in many schools,  talking with the many Cycle Clubs – Fire Departments – Police Departments – Town Councillors – Mayors and video the youth along the way for a revealing documentary to come.
I will be talking candidly to mayors and town councillors which will reveal to me exactly the state of their relationship with kids and youth in their respective towns and cities. Especially pertaining to the Skateboard Park Society.

I will be talking to the kids and youth at those Skateboard Parks about various topics: About making healthier decisions – how ‘every choice’ shapes their brain!
 ONE fact is SURE!
I will be involving the smarts of neurology Doctors from around the world (presently contacting the famous TV Show celebrity Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary and Dr. Nora D. Volkow M.D. from NIDA)
Through collaboration with Doctors from around the globe with “Current Information” we will educate the kids and youth about the toxicity of street drugs and the harmful effects drinking.

I will also include and talk of how Cancer can affect many family members precancer and post cancer treatment and invite them to bring their friends and talk about (the ups/downs) of Cancer including costs (how that affected me) and how it can affect them. Plus NEW treatments available = allows them to make smarter choices than ever before.

The trip itself will be like rinsing my soul. I want to help others by filling my heart with the joy that comes from helping others thrive! What is just plain and simple “The Right Thing to Do!”

My Mom had cancer. It could be your mom.
There is a cure in the making! Dichloroacetic acid, often abbreviated DCA. Studies need to be done for its full approval of how it interacts with other drugs being taken by a person at the time of of taking. Six have been cured!
 The pharmaceutical companies won’t let it come to market because there is no money to be made from it. We know they have a lot of money and are powerful to do what they wish when they wish.

So I thought…Why not us?
Why wait all the time for others?
We can bring the prevention message more powerful than the cure, to market – together.
You and I ?

I want you to be a part of my team.
Each and every one of you!
My philosophy: We are really ALL on the same team!
At the end of the day; after all has been said and done; We my friends…Are ALL on the same team!

My Plan also includes:

To cycle across Canada with a Goal Zero Power Solar Panel powering my laptop (practical applications says: Panasonic Tough Book is the applicable one for me) I will be contacting them for sponsorship.
(Rain, Shine or Snow I always go…so typing in the rain = no problem)
The idea of bringing along that type of Toughbook Computer is to be able at “ANY Time” to stay in touch with You – the public, kids, youth, CEO, sponsors, parents, high schools following me to keep in touch with pictures and updates and how I’m feeling is important.
As when Clara Hughes blogs and people like Brian Peric (Ultra distance cyclist traveller) blogs it allows a person very much to keep along with feelings of that person on that journey.

So I’m looking to do some LIVE Streaming!
IF it takes a Satellite phone I’m look’n into that now. To enable the constant contact.

I’ll also bring along a Rainproof  S4 Iphone to keep in touch with ALL the school kids/youth out there.
Available 24/7 my Personal PHONE number is > 403-497-4200. Temporary phone 403-497-6640 (for present contact as of March 30th.2014) My regular phone is in repair and broken faceplate/digitizer inside.
There is NO time that I will say, “Why are you bothering me so late?” “Never!” Not me.
Just phone me if you wish to talk.

When we get sick we don’t have to suffer alone.
Think about that when you’ve had the flu.
No one else was there possibly at that time when you were lying in bed barfing alone.

Continue reading

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2013 Isabelle Dube Tribute Bike Ride Cycling Rally

2013 Annual Isabelle Dube
Tribute Bike Ride Cycling Rally

WE may have been ‘two’
But we Road for ‘You’

Interview with Banff’s ‘Crazy Larry…

Well, he’s definitely not so crazy but hides behind his name in order to decipher who he wishes to talk to …to be with…to have as a friend…in order for him to find out how someone thinks ‘without’ them noticing he knows. It works. He keeps the name for that reason.
Crazy Larry is always up to something that has to do with helping others….Here is a glimpse with an interview with him below.

Crazy Larry says (about the recent 2013 Isabelle Dube Tribute Bike Ride Cycling Rally) , “Although only two of us showed up and cycled the Legacy Trail Canmore to Banff by ourselves…in the Rain in honour of Isabelle Dube and the many cyclist who have passed away; we did ride for ‘you’
Whether you are a local cyclist, racer, elite athlete, government official, business owner, RCMP Officer, Fireman/women, Warden, high school teacher/student we DID ride for you on your behalf who didn’t show.
I will always be here; I will always ride for you if necessary.
You may have been busy…you may have not known…and just simply forgot. Hopefully, it wasn’t you didn’t care.

“The Tribute Bike Ride was still a success!”, as Crazy Larry puts it, “Success might not ever be measured by the amount of money that was made at an event or the amount of people that came although more is good for the fun aspect of sharing laughs and lots of yelling; riding down main street RCMP escort; receiving fun prizes; riding right amidst the amazing backdrop of the Majestic Rocky Mountains (our backyard) but this ride is more measured in the fact that ‘something’ was done to honour Isabelle Dube and ALL those other cyclist who have passed on due to a cycling accident that are just like you (the viewer) reading this… ‘one of us’ lovers of cycling!

Next year’s 10th Anniversary…
Its about ….
Lots of colourful balloons!
Lots of laughter.
Lots of good healthy food.(a barbecue!)
FUN entertainment.
Lots of cyclist coming together to share stories.
The reinforcing of camaraderie at its best amongst the fraternity of Cyclist; Lots of kids adults influencing learning from each other the fine art of camaraderie.
The One – of – a – kind T shirt/Jersey souvenir! *Pre Order only!
*** Order now!

Gosh ~ How some of us love our cycling!
He says, “he will never let those and ‘you’ who love cycling go unnoticed! (ever)”

When Isabelle Dube passed away in June of 2005 at the hands of a grizzly attack Crazy Larry took it upon himself (being an announcer at many Cycling Championships) to make sure that he would unite ALL cyclist to come together for not only Isabelle Dube that passed away – that very much appreciated every little push and HUGE cheer for her  through the 24 hrs of Adrenaline Transition Tent but he wanted to make sure ALL those who also have passed away who loved cycling like she did will be remembered,too!

A later interview with husband Heath McCroy expressed the biggest Kudos to Crazy Larry for keeping the cycling spirit alive through a Tribute to her and others.

Crazy Larry saying, “We’re really all on the same Team!” “We might strive to help each other before strife or bad things happen to one of us” “I’m going to make an Annual Event to do so”
The Annual Isabelle Dube Tribute Bike Ride Cycling Rally was born some 9 years ago.

So Crazy Larry living up to his reputation of ‘never’ missing any storm out there – whether it be “Rain, shine or Snow we always go” as he pedaled through a pouring rain day for all those who didn’t come.
As the saying goes “Rain, shine or Snow we always go” said by all at the end of the Tribute Bike Ride in the famous ‘Ring of Caring’ that Crazy Larry started as a way of demonstrating the amazing camaraderie Crazy Larry says exists amongst cycling people. It must be noted; I live for it.
Everyone gathers round in a circle to hold hands together; Crazy Larry then remarks the highlights of who Isabelle Dube was for those attending who didn’t know of her; what she stood for and was known for; races she competed in; afterwards gathering for a large Group Picture in front of the Banff Central Park Gazebo. The Rocky Mountains being the amazing beautiful backdrop!

Crazy Larry still rides every day enjoying every minute of rain, snow, sleet or high winds. He loves living life.

Crazy Larry says, “This year the Enormous logistics of making sure his mom gets the chance to have the latest in Cancer Cures which are located as close as Edmonton is the ‘actual’ cure for mom. For her brain metastasis on the brain stem and cancer of the breast there is HUGE hope with this NEW technology; a drug called DCA dichloroacetate and vitamin B17 nutritional therapy.
However, not all therapy is with a drug. Too many Doctors rely on just radiation and chemotherapy that kills surround healthy cells. Prevention through good nutrition is a huge part of it that most conventional Doctors are not skilled to know and very unaware of only resort to prescribing drugs.
Naturopathic Doctors know of these nutritional ways! Who knows or has even heard of Vitamin B17! (inside of apricot seeds)

Crazy Larry’s mom is surcoming to Cancer of the breast and that has spread to her brain in the form of brain metastasis with the bad one located on her brain stem” has left Crazy Larry in a rage of fury against Cancer. As he puts it “I AM setting off with an enormous undertaking of going town to town city to city Cross Canada trip aimed at rinsing my soul to do something towards gathering the necessary funds because DCA – dichloroacetate>(back in January the “astounding” findings of University of Alberta’s Dr. Evangelos Michelakis study showed DCA significantly shrunk lung, breast and brain tumours in both rats and in human tissue experiments.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health-canada-approves-first-human-trial-for-dca-1.257859#ixzz2VCgcSisG) is cheap and already widely available, so it can’t be patented. Pharmaceutical companies have not been interested in funding further research on DCA since the treatment won’t make them a profit.

Now, Health Canada is giving the green light to the researchers to allow them to test the drug in humans. Michelakis says it typically takes about three years for positive results in rats to translate into human trials.

“For us to have completed it in eight months is remarkable,” he said Wednesday.
Researchers hope to try the drug on as many as 50 people with glioblastomas over the next 18 months.
Necessary funding is needed to push this drug to market for usage amongst all our grandmothers/grandfathers/ mom’s and dad’s/brothers and sisters who are afflicted with Cancer ‘NOW’

I want mom to have this chance ‘now!’ not later.

…spreading awareness in schools; visits to SkateBoard Parks to CRANK the kids with a NEW SHURE Axient Announcing system he’s designed himself.

So the Tribute Bike Ride was successful in that his neighbour Jorel who showed up in testimony to his ways of loving rain also like Crazy Larry both successfully completed the ride in the rain whooping and HOLLERING all the way to Banff in the fashion this ride is known for Crazy Larry leading the cheering the entire way with his announcing abilities known to many; That of CRANKING the crowds for at times, an entire 24 hours of Adrenaline! (non-stop)
Crazy Larry is NOW taking names for volunteers for next years 10th Anniversary TEAM in Present Progress at www.crazylarry.ca >Contact Crazy Larry icon.

Crazy Larry is earmarking about $5000 of his own personal money to make next year’s Tribute Bike Ride one of Canada’s Largest Cycling Rally.
He is asking and needs your support if you care to be part of his winning team of players.
“Sign up begins NOW”…simply read the article and head to www.crazylarry.ca

Jorel (Crazy Larry’s neighbour he asked at the last minute) the other attendee for the Tribute Bike Ride was ecstatic knowing he WON 1st Grand Prize “Always the Helicopter Flight compliments of Alpine Helicopters!” + several large pizza’s at the famous Patrino’s in Canmore…several gifts from Crazy Larry’s backup for his cycling journey’s ~ Canmore Bicycle cafe’s owner always there every year – the amazing Brian Cook/Jay Balabas mngr/Cindy Clark/Mike – the amazing mechanic!

After asking Jorel commented, “The ride was some GOOD GOOD Fun with Crazy Larry loving rain, too; we were both in our element having a BLAST…and honestly, thought and talked about everyone who might have or could have come if they put some effort into it along the whole route.
I was enjoying this ride second to none he said. I realized I was riding in my backyard the Amazing Rocky Mountains…rain was just an added feature for a true cyclist who loves to cycle to enjoy simply with the putting on of rain gear; citing there is always a raincoat to beat the rain; before leaving – funny though, you can never take off enough clothes when attempting to beat the heat.
Boy! How we did have fun!

Like Crazy Larry said, “We may have been only two” “But really road for you!” (those who didn’t come) Better luck next time!
Just mark it in your calendar on your Iphone or wall.

The 10th Anniversary next year June promises to be the BEST ever Tribute to Cyclist! Entertainment, barbecue, upbeat FUN music…and possibly a movie screen are in the works at present.

Sign up is open “NOW” make it happen; sign up before its too late for  a spot to join in the Tribute is by invitation for this next year.
For a poster or flyer for donation for next year’s 10th Anniversary Tribute Bike Ride simply contact www.crazylarry.ca

Special Thanks goes out to:
Bicycle Cafe (Brian Cook/Jay/Cindy/Mike)
Sobies Grocery Store (Steve mngr)
Safeway Grocery Store (mngr’s)
Spaghetti Factory (Rob)
Grizzly House (Fran and Jason)
Tony Roma’s (Jason and staff)
Earl’s Restaurant (Ron)
Saltlik Steak House (James)
Patrinos Steak House
Drake Hotel
Rebound Cycling
The Wood Restaurant and tavern
Rocky Mountain Bagel Co.
Creative Colour Infusion website design (Norja)
WildFlower Massage and Therapy(Kamila / Richard Borutova)and kids Thomas/Lucas, too! Thanks kids!!

Hope you ‘Make’ it a great day!

May ‘every day’ be a success to you.

Larry Melnik
Canada’s Meet You at the Top Clubs

Think of a thought.
(something your shooting for that’s worthy or to do some good)

Now just Imagine.

OF accomplishing the task.


NEVER Stop Dreaming.
Always Keep Believing!
You can.
If you think you can.
Never ‘EVER’ Give up!

Enjoy your journey.
Make it fun.

In the course of a lifetime it’s amazing….
What we have control of each and every day…
To make our days better;

Being happy is a feeling.
Making it Non-contingent on everything else….
Makes it one of the more delightful things to achieve every day.

Be happy because ‘you’ want to be happy!
Your in charge of making you happy first and foremost.
The rest, you just share.

Always keep your eye on your target!

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Crazy Larry’s Adventures

SPOT Tracking Device is NOW set to follow Crazy Larry’s ADventures.
He will be announcing at the Provincial Endurance Series Championships “August weekend of 25th – 26th” ,2012
Follow me LIVE  Jasper to Banff after the race by going to link below.
Staying a few days in Jasper to gather logostic problems like getting a bike rack carrier for my knapsack and fanny pack to sit on.Then, Bike riding back along IceField Parkway Highway Jasper to Banff on August 30th > 31st.
Depart: possibly at Friday early morning > 3 am – 4 am is the plan.
Wow! I just checked before going to bed (before the ride) its forecasting rain. Cory Wallace’s wonderful super nice mom just came home before heading back to Columbia IceFields (where I’ll try meet her for a nice surprise visit if nothing goes wrong) and she said, “The weather Crazy Larry looks terrible for Columbia IceFields” Yuko!
I replied > “Bring it ON !!! ” Continue reading

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Crazy Larry on TV Alberta PrimeTime TV

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Crazy Larry on TV Alberta PrimeTime TV

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