2013 Tour Divide Race

Group Photo Tour Divide 2014 YWCA resize2013 Tour Divide Race YWCA Annual Grand Dept Group Shot (below at end of article)

2014 went off with a 6 day Continued down pour of rain. And I was hating life; because I love a BAD Ass Storm; and couldn’t go.

*BELOW 2013 / 2014 articles.


9:45 am

Mike Hall presently out front as per Spot tracking……
Craig Stappler following closely….

Both leading the pack.

This year brings about 143 participants from all parts of the Globe in a HUGE way!
*Remembering the fact that you are participating is a testimony of who you are as a person.
Remembering also that you ‘are the one’ who is going to be able to share ALL your experiences along the way with not only those you love and are dear to your heart but all those counting on you to finish and have a wonderful time.

Although this is rated and very well respected as the ‘Toughest Race in the World’ it is definitely one of the most adventurous in its own way. A ride where camaraderie flourishes and honour is at an ALL time ‘high high’ ! I say, high because TDR riders are very careful to not litter; respect the outdoors; respect one another; and help when in trouble as per how the rules state.
See Ruleshttps://tourdivide.org/the_rules
Follow Racers here: https://www.tourdivide.org/leaderboard

Special Shout out goes to those people in the background who help make it tick who without notice you might not know who they are.
*They are in no special order:
Joe Polk at MTBCast (podcast call-ins)
Whereby riders can phone in 24/7 at any time to let everyone know how they are doing. Also it is encouraged to ‘check in’ when dropping out of the race the ‘very morning of the next day’
Toll Free Comment Line:

Also special shout out to: Matthew Lee of Tracker.com
Matthew Lee going through all the logistics of making sure your get on the Tracker Map of the Tour Divide Tracker Map at the website https://www.tourdivide.org/leaderboard
Matthew Lee a previous 5 X World Champion and World Record holder of the Tour Divide in its infancy stage of when it started; or shortly there after.
Crazy Larry decided to surprise the previous World Record Holder (Mat Lee) with a spontaneous ‘Very surprising’ call with a TDR riders Iphone… with a conversation with Matthew Lee right at Crazy Larry’s Question & Answer low key advertised (only TDR riders) meeting held at the Elk & Oarsman Pub (located at the 1st Cross-walk) in downtown Banff when leaving a popular meeting place ‘The YWCA Hostel’

The call to Matthew: Allowed ALL riders to stay calm with the HUGE query as to when the race was actually starting? We asked Mat along with several other questions as to what alternate routes are mandatory to take?; Matthew added to say “No drafting guys….No help self supported remember” Along with comments like those he added a “HUGE French saying Bon Chaunce! > Best Wishes/Good Luck! to ALL ! ! !

YWCA – Amazing people Amazing place ensure that each riders receives special attention with having a wonderful HUGE room called appropriately “The GREAT Room” a large cathedral ceiling room reserved to allow them to put the many many bikes together that get shipped from around the world; a place to mingle and share stories.
June 11th, 2014 ~ NEW management DID NOT book the GREAT ROOM for the Tour Divide Racers. However, the dining room banquet area directly across from the Bistro Restaurant will be available. 
(This last year 2013 , the low key was amazing broken with the Parks Canada Administration meeting on that very day before the race …with The Great Room shut down for use for the Parks Canada Administration to talk about improving garbage pickup etc. in the campgrounds and amazingly it coincided with the exact date of the Tour Divide Race! Go figure! Whew! Amazing coincidence eh! for 12 – 14 yrs of a race deeply involved in keeping this race low key) Oh well. Business is business; Crap happens eh!? Nothing was purposely done, that’s for sure!

June 14th.10:45 am 2013 update

Craig Stappler NOW in 1st place ……(as per SPOT tracking)

Well the 2013 is off and I will be tracking and posting maps copy pasted right off the Tracker.com site of the www.tourdivide.org/leaderboard website.

ok to the front of the YWCA quickly to do my personal MTBCast Call-in of which I forgot …from lack of sleep. Rats !

God’s speed you guys! / Gals !
Way to go for trying!


2014 Tour Divide Race – Comments / Updates

June 10th,2014

*** So you know Tour Divide Racers reading this….

June 11th, 2014 ~ NEW management DID NOT book the GREAT ROOM for the Tour Divide Racers. However, the dining room banquet area directly across from the Bistro Restaurant will be available. 

Ran into a few TDR cyclist in front of the YWCA. Great spirits already!
After a bunch of introduction with many in suspense to meet me I couldn’t figure out why? I’m just an ordinary guy who loves to help cyclist and anyone actually I can.
There were about 11 in a group…we broke off into groups chatted up a storm quickly about the TDR and its enduring challenges.

Everyone seems very excited at the same time the rookies worried and concerned of what is to come! Am I doing it right? Have I prepared properly? Are just some of the questions and queries the Question & Answer Session should answer. Held at the Elk & Oarsmen Restaurant Bar located at the 1st crosswalk as you head downtown Banff, Alberta.

I head out tomorrow to check out the two bridges approximately 21 km & 24 km respectively into the Spray Trail / Goat Creek Trail that were washed out last year in a huge flash flood. Hopefully, I can borrow a camera as the 4 GoPro’s I have are all broken. All the USB ports are loose or broke from poor manufacturer specks. I suppose that’s just how they make their money. eh!?

June 11th late at night….1:28 am

Definitely LOOKS – Like Rain ! Possibly two days straight to the border!
But you know the mountains….its quite possible it will be sporadic. Who knows? Kinda like a grizzly…ya never know!? eh!?

I’m checking the Elkford area well into the course and this is the link > http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/canada/british-columbia/elkford

Updating THIS LATE > So sorry gang! 

After a few days, trying to get use to how to log into my own website; always relying on my webmaster; I thought to be more independent and free up her valuable time. I was starting to feel guilty for being in debt to her for being so so nice for initially making one; and then helping out with maintaining it, too!

Well as it stands now (*This being April 6th. 2015) and I’m finally updating my blog of the TDR.
I had an cycling accident. I thought this was going to be a hiccup in the bigger picture; get’n to daily life doings; including my updating my website which I haven’t for a long time. So sorry. Reason: Life got busier. Yup! It DID.

I slowly got out of relying on the wonderful / AmaZzzing donations that poured in immediately after my accident of which I’m eternally grateful to Lisa Rosvold for stepping forward and making a GoFundMe webpage to get some necessary money towards living. Rent/Food/therapy/ambulance costs are just a few. After that, I have now gotten back into the work force which feels GREAT !

END of 2014 coverage; trouble of website. 🙁

Large Loud Cheer from this Group sounded the Grand Depart in an exciting anticipating way!

7:45 am Large Loud Cheer from this Group sounded the 2013 Grand Depart in an exciting anticipating way!……………… We’ll see about 2014? Picture to come here!

Please place your comments BEFORE  …….or ………After 2015 TDR.
And during is MUCH appreciated~ !

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