2013 Isabelle Dube Tribute Bike Ride Cycling Rally

2013 Annual Isabelle Dube
Tribute Bike Ride Cycling Rally

WE may have been ‘two’
But we Road for ‘You’

Interview with Banff’s ‘Crazy Larry…

Well, he’s definitely not so crazy but hides behind his name in order to decipher who he wishes to talk to …to be with…to have as a friend…in order for him to find out how someone thinks ‘without’ them noticing he knows. It works. He keeps the name for that reason.
Crazy Larry is always up to something that has to do with helping others….Here is a glimpse with an interview with him below.

Crazy Larry says (about the recent 2013 Isabelle Dube Tribute Bike Ride Cycling Rally) , “Although only two of us showed up and cycled the Legacy Trail Canmore to Banff by ourselves…in the Rain in honour of Isabelle Dube and the many cyclist who have passed away; we did ride for ‘you’
Whether you are a local cyclist, racer, elite athlete, government official, business owner, RCMP Officer, Fireman/women, Warden, high school teacher/student we DID ride for you on your behalf who didn’t show.
I will always be here; I will always ride for you if necessary.
You may have been busy…you may have not known…and just simply forgot. Hopefully, it wasn’t you didn’t care.

“The Tribute Bike Ride was still a success!”, as Crazy Larry puts it, “Success might not ever be measured by the amount of money that was made at an event or the amount of people that came although more is good for the fun aspect of sharing laughs and lots of yelling; riding down main street RCMP escort; receiving fun prizes; riding right amidst the amazing backdrop of the Majestic Rocky Mountains (our backyard) but this ride is more measured in the fact that ‘something’ was done to honour Isabelle Dube and ALL those other cyclist who have passed on due to a cycling accident that are just like you (the viewer) reading this… ‘one of us’ lovers of cycling!

Next year’s 10th Anniversary…
Its about ….
Lots of colourful balloons!
Lots of laughter.
Lots of good healthy food.(a barbecue!)
FUN entertainment.
Lots of cyclist coming together to share stories.
The reinforcing of camaraderie at its best amongst the fraternity of Cyclist; Lots of kids adults influencing learning from each other the fine art of camaraderie.
The One – of – a – kind T shirt/Jersey souvenir! *Pre Order only!
*** Order now!

Gosh ~ How some of us love our cycling!
He says, “he will never let those and ‘you’ who love cycling go unnoticed! (ever)”

When Isabelle Dube passed away in June of 2005 at the hands of a grizzly attack Crazy Larry took it upon himself (being an announcer at many Cycling Championships) to make sure that he would unite ALL cyclist to come together for not only Isabelle Dube that passed away – that very much appreciated every little push and HUGE cheer for her  through the 24 hrs of Adrenaline Transition Tent but he wanted to make sure ALL those who also have passed away who loved cycling like she did will be remembered,too!

A later interview with husband Heath McCroy expressed the biggest Kudos to Crazy Larry for keeping the cycling spirit alive through a Tribute to her and others.

Crazy Larry saying, “We’re really all on the same Team!” “We might strive to help each other before strife or bad things happen to one of us” “I’m going to make an Annual Event to do so”
The Annual Isabelle Dube Tribute Bike Ride Cycling Rally was born some 9 years ago.

So Crazy Larry living up to his reputation of ‘never’ missing any storm out there – whether it be “Rain, shine or Snow we always go” as he pedaled through a pouring rain day for all those who didn’t come.
As the saying goes “Rain, shine or Snow we always go” said by all at the end of the Tribute Bike Ride in the famous ‘Ring of Caring’ that Crazy Larry started as a way of demonstrating the amazing camaraderie Crazy Larry says exists amongst cycling people. It must be noted; I live for it.
Everyone gathers round in a circle to hold hands together; Crazy Larry then remarks the highlights of who Isabelle Dube was for those attending who didn’t know of her; what she stood for and was known for; races she competed in; afterwards gathering for a large Group Picture in front of the Banff Central Park Gazebo. The Rocky Mountains being the amazing beautiful backdrop!

Crazy Larry still rides every day enjoying every minute of rain, snow, sleet or high winds. He loves living life.

Crazy Larry says, “This year the Enormous logistics of making sure his mom gets the chance to have the latest in Cancer Cures which are located as close as Edmonton is the ‘actual’ cure for mom. For her brain metastasis on the brain stem and cancer of the breast there is HUGE hope with this NEW technology; a drug called DCA dichloroacetate and vitamin B17 nutritional therapy.
However, not all therapy is with a drug. Too many Doctors rely on just radiation and chemotherapy that kills surround healthy cells. Prevention through good nutrition is a huge part of it that most conventional Doctors are not skilled to know and very unaware of only resort to prescribing drugs.
Naturopathic Doctors know of these nutritional ways! Who knows or has even heard of Vitamin B17! (inside of apricot seeds)

Crazy Larry’s mom is surcoming to Cancer of the breast and that has spread to her brain in the form of brain metastasis with the bad one located on her brain stem” has left Crazy Larry in a rage of fury against Cancer. As he puts it “I AM setting off with an enormous undertaking of going town to town city to city Cross Canada trip aimed at rinsing my soul to do something towards gathering the necessary funds because DCA – dichloroacetate>(back in January the “astounding” findings of University of Alberta’s Dr. Evangelos Michelakis study showed DCA significantly shrunk lung, breast and brain tumours in both rats and in human tissue experiments.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health-canada-approves-first-human-trial-for-dca-1.257859#ixzz2VCgcSisG) is cheap and already widely available, so it can’t be patented. Pharmaceutical companies have not been interested in funding further research on DCA since the treatment won’t make them a profit.

Now, Health Canada is giving the green light to the researchers to allow them to test the drug in humans. Michelakis says it typically takes about three years for positive results in rats to translate into human trials.

“For us to have completed it in eight months is remarkable,” he said Wednesday.
Researchers hope to try the drug on as many as 50 people with glioblastomas over the next 18 months.
Necessary funding is needed to push this drug to market for usage amongst all our grandmothers/grandfathers/ mom’s and dad’s/brothers and sisters who are afflicted with Cancer ‘NOW’

I want mom to have this chance ‘now!’ not later.

…spreading awareness in schools; visits to SkateBoard Parks to CRANK the kids with a NEW SHURE Axient Announcing system he’s designed himself.

So the Tribute Bike Ride was successful in that his neighbour Jorel who showed up in testimony to his ways of loving rain also like Crazy Larry both successfully completed the ride in the rain whooping and HOLLERING all the way to Banff in the fashion this ride is known for Crazy Larry leading the cheering the entire way with his announcing abilities known to many; That of CRANKING the crowds for at times, an entire 24 hours of Adrenaline! (non-stop)
Crazy Larry is NOW taking names for volunteers for next years 10th Anniversary TEAM in Present Progress at www.crazylarry.ca >Contact Crazy Larry icon.

Crazy Larry is earmarking about $5000 of his own personal money to make next year’s Tribute Bike Ride one of Canada’s Largest Cycling Rally.
He is asking and needs your support if you care to be part of his winning team of players.
“Sign up begins NOW”…simply read the article and head to www.crazylarry.ca

Jorel (Crazy Larry’s neighbour he asked at the last minute) the other attendee for the Tribute Bike Ride was ecstatic knowing he WON 1st Grand Prize “Always the Helicopter Flight compliments of Alpine Helicopters!” + several large pizza’s at the famous Patrino’s in Canmore…several gifts from Crazy Larry’s backup for his cycling journey’s ~ Canmore Bicycle cafe’s owner always there every year – the amazing Brian Cook/Jay Balabas mngr/Cindy Clark/Mike – the amazing mechanic!

After asking Jorel commented, “The ride was some GOOD GOOD Fun with Crazy Larry loving rain, too; we were both in our element having a BLAST…and honestly, thought and talked about everyone who might have or could have come if they put some effort into it along the whole route.
I was enjoying this ride second to none he said. I realized I was riding in my backyard the Amazing Rocky Mountains…rain was just an added feature for a true cyclist who loves to cycle to enjoy simply with the putting on of rain gear; citing there is always a raincoat to beat the rain; before leaving – funny though, you can never take off enough clothes when attempting to beat the heat.
Boy! How we did have fun!

Like Crazy Larry said, “We may have been only two” “But really road for you!” (those who didn’t come) Better luck next time!
Just mark it in your calendar on your Iphone or wall.

The 10th Anniversary next year June promises to be the BEST ever Tribute to Cyclist! Entertainment, barbecue, upbeat FUN music…and possibly a movie screen are in the works at present.

Sign up is open “NOW” make it happen; sign up before its too late for  a spot to join in the Tribute is by invitation for this next year.
For a poster or flyer for donation for next year’s 10th Anniversary Tribute Bike Ride simply contact www.crazylarry.ca

Special Thanks goes out to:
Bicycle Cafe (Brian Cook/Jay/Cindy/Mike)
Sobies Grocery Store (Steve mngr)
Safeway Grocery Store (mngr’s)
Spaghetti Factory (Rob)
Grizzly House (Fran and Jason)
Tony Roma’s (Jason and staff)
Earl’s Restaurant (Ron)
Saltlik Steak House (James)
Patrinos Steak House
Drake Hotel
Rebound Cycling
The Wood Restaurant and tavern
Rocky Mountain Bagel Co.
Creative Colour Infusion website design (Norja)
WildFlower Massage and Therapy(Kamila / Richard Borutova)and kids Thomas/Lucas, too! Thanks kids!!

Hope you ‘Make’ it a great day!

May ‘every day’ be a success to you.

Larry Melnik
Canada’s Meet You at the Top Clubs

Think of a thought.
(something your shooting for that’s worthy or to do some good)

Now just Imagine.

OF accomplishing the task.


NEVER Stop Dreaming.
Always Keep Believing!
You can.
If you think you can.
Never ‘EVER’ Give up!

Enjoy your journey.
Make it fun.

In the course of a lifetime it’s amazing….
What we have control of each and every day…
To make our days better;

Being happy is a feeling.
Making it Non-contingent on everything else….
Makes it one of the more delightful things to achieve every day.

Be happy because ‘you’ want to be happy!
Your in charge of making you happy first and foremost.
The rest, you just share.

Always keep your eye on your target!

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I'm a very loving caring adventurous outdoor guy who loves kids to bits; relentless approach to help any where any time; who thrives on bad ass storms and preparing to bunker out before they hit; sipping tea/honey during them while eating my favourite hot food; and outdoor adventurous women.
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