If you know of my accident; that happened July 25th; then you can skip this blip on my accident directly under this writing.  Until I learn a bit more about WordPress; zoom down to just under the picture of my bike / Bob Trailer and me tying balloons for kids.

Latest Update August 3rd, 2015 > Today is Monday

This just a quickie update, long overdue so sorry “everyone!” ok?

Although recovery seemed quite quick (to me) in the bigger scope of how the Doctors/Neuro Surgeons saw things unfolding what I thought would be a quick recovery has now turned into a year long episode. That is, for the FULL recovery.

Allow me to explain.
I was up and at’em so to speak in the way of, coming home after a bout in the hospital which lasted some think like a month long of ICU (8-9 days) to Trauma (8-9 more) to transferring to General Surgical Unit in Banff….I was still learning to walk immediately upon arriving home from the hospital here in Banff, Alberta.
I was having trouble (still) since hospital bouts with vertigo….feeling off balance. I was terrified to come home as I was still feeling bad episodes of vertigo in the hospital and they still sent me home!
So it was hard to feel confident walking. I would walk with that scary not so confident feeling wondering if I was going to fall over. So it didn’t take long, a few days, and I was using the bike to walk downtown. That in of itself, was a HUGE boost! To know, I was still with my trusty bike and that “it” was even ok!? That felt good! REAL good!  I was willing do short rides to the highway *Only after I found walking the bike downtown was getting old. I wanted to break away from the stigma I had in my head that maybe I might fall over from the vertigo.
So rides to the highway started in earnest!!

Later I found going to the highway exit just outside of Banff to be such a HUGE boost!!! This was my usual cooking spot for having my suppers for some 22 years! It was also the BEST spot for not only doing that but saying hi to all the town folk that knew me in the valley that were coming home from either work doings in the city or from Canmore. (the next town)
This later proved itself to be another of a series of  “Crux moments” of my recovery curve.

There were a few here.  To mention other Crux moments in my recovery:

When GOOD friends, Cory Wallace and Leighton Poidevin coming in RIGHT WHILE I was awakening out of my coma was a SUPER treat / Boost for my recovery! Along with having Lisa Rosvold visit with her two young adorable daughters the same day informing me that she had started a GoFundMe page in my honour…and it was taking off like a ROCKET with donations!!! Even going up a few thousand while she was visiting with me was a HUGE lift to know others cared and I felt so much love! Especially when her daughters came over to show me the hand written GET WELL cards they had just made me! Wow! I was feel’n the love! Let me tell ya! And BOY! Was it EVER a boost! She has an AmaZing family! What a heart! I was SO SO humbled by all the donations after hearing that they came from all around the world ~ Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, England and more from my home of the Bow Valley – racers from all the cycling events I attend and announce at were donating by the hundreds!

And the visitors didn’t stop with just them!
Radio stations came in; some calling in to see how I was doing; Canadian Cycling – Bike – Your Canmore Magazines came in to interview me; CBC TV, CTV news, Calgary Herald, Metro News, CNN News even got in there, too! I even got some cycling racers who came in from the races I announce and cheer at who came in; one giving me my NEW helmet I have “today!” Wow-O!!! What a gift! ….as I was on my way to buying one at the time of the accident; riding without one won’t happen again! I can ASSURE everyone that much!

Yup! Feel’n lonely with no sense of family I wasn’t about to tell anyone this is what I have been feeling for years; as THIS SURELY was NOT the case now.
When I needed to feel the love …I was feel’n it BIG TIME!!!
My appreciation level for all my friends has SKY-Rocketed to NEW levels!!!!
Boy! What a LIFT it truly was for my recovery!!!! A SUPER Crux moment as I am recalling it vividly as yesterday!

This ALL was ~ Offering me much hope that things will surely improve as time passed by with daily jaunts to the highway. I thought, this would be a nice teaser to allow myself the opportunity (if and when it presented itself) to head up the series of switch backs….as this spot was exactly at the base of the roadway series of switchbacks that led up to the Norquay Ski Hill.

Not only a few weeks later did that plan work!
I took to giving it a chance to see how my recovery was coming along.So a jaunt up the switchbacks it was. But only, to the second hairpin turn. Yup! It got scary.
So scary that I did not go back up for fearing my blood pressure would go up and that would put pressure on the optic nerve (your MAIN extension cord) coming out of the back of your eye socket through a little hole about the size of a pencil or smaller. Mine, almost got severed I heard. And so, the wipe out cycling accident I had left me with slight blury vision which since has pretty much cleared up! Wow! Today is August 3rd. 2015. Monday.

I am now, under way with some enjoyable work that I love to do since January.  That of closing down the TransCanada Highway when necessary at the scene of accidents. Traffic Controller is proving to be a VERY rewarding job along with being VERY dangerous, too!
Things can turn within minutes to SERIOUS and Dangerous. Road conditions getting slippery / icy FAST changing the management of the scene of an accident VERY quickly. Communication being the “Key” factor in ALL these NEW decisions to make with managing traffic in a different manner. Some times, holding traffic right where its at until the salter trucks come.

And now, as spring / summer has unfolded things have gotten slow. Accidents have decreased. ALL Towing Companies are slowing down to a crawl but steady. Not like winter condition times.

Next update SOON!
Sorry for being so slow about it.

*July 25th , 2015 was my Anniversary for those who are reading / following this blog.

August 2nd, 2014: CrazyLarry is now at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital, and open to having visitors. His eyes are still very sensitive to light.

Thank-you again for the overwhelming love and support, it means the WORLD to CrazyLarry.

July 25th, 2014:
As you likely have heard, Crazy Larry has been in a serious bicycle crash and is currently in the hospital recovering.

July 28, 2014: A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Sheila MacCready for sponsoring the hosting of his website, so we can keep you posted on things. Also a big thank you to Lunarpages for giving 50% OFF his hosting this year as a contribution! Please check back often. Listen to the Mountain FM Interview here and Banff Centre Radio.

A personal message from Crazy Larry on Monday night July 28th, 2014, during my visit at the Foothills (web girl):
Everybody should realize that the magical knowledge of life is knowing that in every moment of this life, you can make a difference in this world and in someone else’s life. Remember always that every one has an Everest and that everyone’s Everest is special and that I just might be on my Everest. Thanks to all for making me feel like family again as it’s an unusual feeling I don’t know.”

In the news: MTBCast.com, Are Ya Kiddin Me.com.

A message from Lisa who put the GoFundMe together for CrazyLarry:
“I had a chance to visit CrazyLarry today. He is doing pretty good, was being discharged from the ICU to the trauma floor and he was thankful for that. When I told CrazyLarry about all the love coming his way he couldn’t believe it, with a tear in his eye he said you have no idea how much this is going to help me. He asked me to THANK ALL OF YOU for your donations and kind words. He asked me to print out all the comments from this page and get it to him, there was no wi-fi at the hospital so I couldn’t read them all to him, but each note made him smile bigger, so I wished I could have. He can’t wait to tie each one if you the craziest best balloon animal EVER!!”


Check out the Go Fund Me page for all the supportive comments and donations made.

metro news update 2 on crazy larry

Welcome to Crazy Larry’s website. Please excuse the dust..It’s under construction, but feel free to add your comments! Please subscribe for updates!


Wow! ~ Crazy Larry’s gotta a BRAND NEW website !
Please excuse a few posts need more up to date editing
–  http://www.crazylarry.ca
–  http://crazylarry.ca/today-i-ride-for-you-riding-for-mom/


Not Till the Last Kid goes home!

Not Till the Last Kid goes home!

There are many of “‘you” out there who have helped me to be the person I am today.
Your wonderful ways have helped shape who I am today. Through your encouragement much confidence in my ways you’ve helped  me shape encourage and motivate the many kids and youth I come into contact with daily/weekly/yearly. Yes, I spend my life mostly helping others.
However, the world does not revolve around me.
We are truly ALL on the same team. (I wrote a little blip before you post to read to help center your thoughts of who I am *only in part)

How wonderful it is to know that with your single story you can make this world a better place!
Your particular story can make a difference!

Your friend
Crazy Larry

Message to you all:

I am inviting all my friends especially those of you who I have just met to write something a comment  or short story (paragraph) of the moment when we met. Describe the moment and how it unfolded….. about my ways my philosophies and my intentions to make a defining moment with ‘every’ person I meet in an actions speaks louder than words way. Maybe, something from the heart? Maybe, a Pay it Forward action? Maybe, I did that with you!?

Maybe, I was able to make a difference in your day in helping keep your faith that one of the best ways to give is from your heart  “without owing anyone anything”.
The intent was I do this for you, now you go on and do something for someone else, and from “your” heart.
If I’ve impacted or influenced your life in some small or even a big way; possibly stopped your son or daughter niece or cousin from crying; Please remember the experience, feel it then write it down below.

Your story, comment or paragraph ‘can‘ make the difference!

*If I’ve possibly made a defining moment which impacted you when meeting you that you are recalling now, I am asking for your efforts with a nice comment “Right Now“…. to allow those (*in the below links) who have invited me to such places as –


…… for them to get to know who I am in a good way by this site; from “you” commenting; and what I stand for; what I’m about and do here in Canada.

*Your* comments will be extremely instrumental in convincing someone who is a owner of a business, CEO Vice-President Acting Director, teacher or principle, government official who has the power to make a good honourable difference in life, some who have more money that just sits in the bank to help in a team way those kids and youth who are just waiting for a chance to also make a difference. I just want to get the ideas dreams unfolding and rolling. I have a program. I have a Tour.

Scientist say: In Nature ~ Nothing takes more than it needs. Everything that thrives in nature in the long run is in cooperation.
Many in their own economic life are operating outside of these parameters. Many have been taught by our system to take everything they can get and that this will make them feel better. And after a while that programming seems to work?

Some go as far as thinking after achieving this that they are better than the next person. That their ranking in the hierarchy of society and their own lives is so because they are more valuable than you.
Those people literally fashion their world thinking in order to feel significant they need to at some else’s expense.
Some even think subconsciously through actions they own you; respect is lost; honourable ways go out the window. Making money at all costs becomes the new adopted way oblivious to many before dying.

Among the many people who are may be so inclined to think they are better than you (many without knowing it); some if they are a CEO may also feel this way and act like they are better (again without knowing it); and some, well some just feel the need to take from the naive; to take advantage of those who can not say ‘no’ in order to get more is to take more.  This is such the Cancerous idea.
Some may call it for the greed of money.  Many that are caught up into societies ways might balk at this and say, “Hey! That’s business!” Shut up! You know nothing!

I say, “This is such a Cancerous idea”
“You might too!?”

Is it though?

Influencing each other with actions that are toxic, the bar owner thinking he’s helping someone have a happier life by taking hard earned money by those naive enough to not recognize a alcohol problem or have the ability to say no (no offense here to anyone – we live in a democratic society) but is this good democracy being played out? One that has honourable intentions?….. or the lawyer who simply price gouges along with others in business. Siting I have to.

Is this the way to nurture the human spirit?
Or is it that some of us have just caught on long ago while some didn’t?
Is it the good ways of a good society?
I ask you?
Is this how we are taught to be nice to each other?

This Cancerous way, literally undermines the very core that we are not separate from each other of who we are as humans that of getting along with compassion helping others.  This is the very foundational idea of why we have so many problems today. Be the change you wish the world to be!

Life is truly not taking more than you need.
We are not and were never wired to be self interest machines. To be separate from each other. Most people in general feel like we are first and foremost singular human beings; secondarily social beings. THAT tends to create separations. To be more passive and apathetic as far as the political system is concerned.

A good example might be when we pass by trash we look at it glance it but do we pick it up? No. As humans we are very influential creatures. Its science, it happens, it is happening.

Some of us which are self taught to think, “your job in this world is not to be a citizen but to be more a consumer” And some to make as much money as they can.
And to make it at all costs. We then become vultures about it.

Part of the general world then think life revolves around money will make you happy. We then loose citizen; each other; and passing on a better gene pool.
Some of us grow into the way of using money to manipulate control others; their ways; their lives.
I myself, from being at the age I am, fall prey to the negative ways of the above explained (in part) way because of my neurons are already programmed. Believe me, I’m working on developing into a different way; with every piece of trash I pick up; with every homeless person I feed or help; with everything I simply give away.
I say, “What about the kids? About that Fresh Fresh chalkboard of development?”

I’m all about team. Helping each other.
Today science knows that we are all on the same team through quantum physics entanglement theory; through Einstein’s theory and studies that today are proven.

** Please ~ If you will…take the time to write something ‘nice’ whether it be a short story about a time we had together talking laughing / sharing a story or even a moment my tying you or your kid a balloon or FUN time at an event or while you were out and about explaining the situation you encountered with me as accurately and in detail as you possibly can.
Ever have a dream?
Well this one is mine.
The Today I Ride for You Tour goes across Canada to ALL the Skateboard Parks.
*See right hand column Recent Posts Today I Ride for You.

I have NO donation button as of yet.

However, E bank transfers ‘will’ and ‘do’ work from your bank directly to mine.
I have used my monies for the last 30- yrs to help others. This may not be in line with how others think. Helping the homeless, those down on their luck, those in a broken relationship, no job and just plain feeling negative about life from the negative aspects of our society.
We“are suppose to be on the same team, helping each other.

I believe, that is in part ‘the why?’ I’m still single. lol
I “love” helping people. I have not had time nor embarked on my dreams as of yet.
But the plan is already in the making now.

Donations can be made quite quickly VIA: Bank E-Transfers. (very easy!)
Short instructional video below link:

Thanks! If you decide.
Thanks! anyways even if you choose just to read. That in itself may allow you to spread my message.

*I do promise you this!

I WILL NEVER GIVE UP my challenge to impact kids/youth in a HUGE way; make a paradigm shift in their way of thinking; Empower ALL to know that ‘they’ “CAN” make a difference in their days to come! To make for a better world

**Remember YOU ARE going to impact others who read your post – your writing.

Your writing something WILL impact others = re: sponsors and those who dare or care to help me along my way of helping others. There are many who have the money to do so. Many who some time help others only for their personal image to be good. Meaning not from the heart.
I figure ~ Money is much better spent on GOOD things than sitting in a bank.

When you help me YOU WILL see the difference?
Different than it “sitting” in the bank eh!?
Money was made to allow you to make the difference.
Now is your chance!

*** Please, I ask that you do this “immediately” as: ….Your comment might just be the one that “will” help to convince those with money that just sits in the bank with some items I need to affect the many hundreds…quite literally thousands of kids – cyclist – and youth with some humourful ways and some ‘High Energy’ announcing and the ability to CRANK the Crowds at various events. Some of those items are: Announcing System + Speakers, Commercial Barbecue or Custom-made for events, Sound Sampler, Custom-made FUN trailer for kids (my design includes custom installed smoke blowers, confetti launchers) strobe lights, tables chairs, walkie-talkies, all items to be self sufficient to be able to launch the many many hundreds of events for kids and youth.

We are all teachers. Some of us just don’t have the time.
I have a infinity love for kids and youth to come Full Circle to learn they can make a difference! Be the change you wish the world to be! Right?

* There ARE many Skateboard Parks across Canada!
See Recent Posts > Today I Ride for You – Riding for mom.

In order to become better citizens and have a better world one needs to be in touch with those that care.
Once in touch with those that can help this would enable me to help (with the aid of sponsors like: Shure Canada, Motorola & The Ellen DeGeneres TV Show, Tom Shadyac) to partner up with them to impact and encourage the many kids/ youth that deserve our help to make better sound ethical moral decisions learn about the word honour about respect for the future of our ‘Wonderful World’

*** Maybe, “You” can help to help me CRANK them up a notch or two or three and help me to define their NEW lives into being the examples we wish we were when we were younger.
That old age adage “Do as I say….Not as I do”… just does NOT work NO more!” (Never has!)

* If you care ~ Please pass this website address on to all your Facebook friends or email to that special person that you know who might care what I do or to help me along my way for a better world.

Thanks so very kindly for your effort ‘right now’
Actions speak louder than words here.
So go ahead ~ Write away!

If you have the time, listen to this it speaks of me and my ways.
Listen to the FIRST 30 minutes only. The rest is something I couldn’t separate.
I think, along the same lines as Tom Shadyac.
The Ultimate connection we can make in the world is that of helping each other.

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