If you know of my accident; that happened July 25th; then you can skip this blip on my accident directly under this writing.  Until I learn a bit more about WordPress; zoom down to just under the picture of my bike / Bob Trailer and me tying balloons for kids.

Latest Update August 3rd, 2015 > Today is Monday

This just a quickie update, long overdue so sorry “everyone!” ok?

Although recovery seemed quite quick (to me) in the bigger scope of how the Doctors/Neuro Surgeons saw things unfolding what I thought would be a quick recovery has now turned into a year long episode. That is, for the FULL recovery.

Allow me to explain.
I was up and at’em so to speak in the way of, coming home after a bout in the hospital which lasted some think like a month long of ICU (8-9 days) to Trauma (8-9 more) to transferring to General Surgical Unit in Banff….I was still learning to walk immediately upon arriving home from the hospital here in Banff, Alberta.
I was having trouble (still) since hospital bouts with vertigo….feeling off balance. I was terrified to come home as I was still feeling bad episodes of vertigo in the hospital and they still sent me home!
So it was hard to feel confident walking. I would walk with that scary not so confident feeling wondering if I was going to fall over. So it didn’t take long, a few days, and I was using the bike to walk downtown. That in of itself, was a HUGE boost! To know, I was still with my trusty bike and that “it” was even ok!? That felt good! REAL good!  I was willing do short rides to the highway *Only after I found walking the bike downtown was getting old. I wanted to break away from the stigma I had in my head that maybe I might fall over from the vertigo.
So rides to the highway started in earnest!!

Later I found going to the highway exit just outside of Banff to be such a HUGE boost!!! This was my usual cooking spot for having my suppers for some 22 years! It was also the BEST spot for not only doing that but saying hi to all the town folk that knew me in the valley that were coming home from either work doings in the city or from Canmore. (the next town)
This later proved itself to be another of a series of  “Crux moments” of my recovery curve.

There were a few here.  To mention other Crux moments in my recovery:

When GOOD friends, Cory Wallace and Leighton Poidevin coming in RIGHT WHILE I was awakening out of my coma was a SUPER treat / Boost for my recovery! Along with having Lisa Rosvold visit with her two young adorable daughters the same day informing me that she had started a GoFundMe page in my honour…and it was taking off like a ROCKET with donations!!! Even going up a few thousand while she was visiting with me was a HUGE lift to know others cared and I felt so much love! Especially when her daughters came over to show me the hand written GET WELL cards they had just made me! Wow! I was feel’n the love! Let me tell ya! And BOY! Was it EVER a boost! She has an AmaZing family! What a heart! I was SO SO humbled by all the donations after hearing that they came from all around the world ~ Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, England and more from my home of the Bow Valley – racers from all the cycling events I attend and announce at were donating by the hundreds!

And the visitors didn’t stop with just them!
Radio stations came in; some calling in to see how I was doing; Canadian Cycling – Bike – Your Canmore Magazines came in to interview me; CBC TV, CTV news, Calgary Herald, Metro News, CNN News even got in there, too! I even got some cycling racers who came in from the races I announce and cheer at who came in; one giving me my NEW helmet I have “today!” Wow-O!!! What a gift! ….as I was on my way to buying one at the time of the accident; riding without one won’t happen again! I can ASSURE everyone that much!

Yup! Feel’n lonely with no sense of family I wasn’t about to tell anyone this is what I have been feeling for years; as THIS SURELY was NOT the case now.
When I needed to feel the love …I was feel’n it BIG TIME!!!
My appreciation level for all my friends has SKY-Rocketed to NEW levels!!!!
Boy! What a LIFT it truly was for my recovery!!!! A SUPER Crux moment as I am recalling it vividly as yesterday!

This ALL was ~ Offering me much hope that things will surely improve as time passed by with daily jaunts to the highway. I thought, this would be a nice teaser to allow myself the opportunity (if and when it presented itself) to head up the series of switch backs….as this spot was exactly at the base of the roadway series of switchbacks that led up to the Norquay Ski Hill.

Not only a few weeks later did that plan work!
I took to giving it a chance to see how my recovery was coming along.So a jaunt up the switchbacks it was. But only, to the second hairpin turn. Yup! It got scary.
So scary that I did not go back up for fearing my blood pressure would go up and that would put pressure on the optic nerve (your MAIN extension cord) coming out of the back of your eye socket through a little hole about the size of a pencil or smaller. Mine, almost got severed I heard. And so, the wipe out cycling accident I had left me with slight blury vision which since has pretty much cleared up! Wow! Today is August 3rd. 2015. Monday.

I am now, under way with some enjoyable work that I love to do since January.  That of closing down the TransCanada Highway when necessary at the scene of accidents. Traffic Controller is proving to be a VERY rewarding job along with being VERY dangerous, too!
Things can turn within minutes to SERIOUS and Dangerous. Road conditions getting slippery / icy FAST changing the management of the scene of an accident VERY quickly. Communication being the “Key” factor in ALL these NEW decisions to make with managing traffic in a different manner. Some times, holding traffic right where its at until the salter trucks come.

And now, as spring / summer has unfolded things have gotten slow. Accidents have decreased. ALL Towing Companies are slowing down to a crawl but steady. Not like winter condition times.

Next update SOON!
Sorry for being so slow about it.

*July 25th , 2015 was my Anniversary for those who are reading / following this blog.

August 2nd, 2014: CrazyLarry is now at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital, and open to having visitors. His eyes are still very sensitive to light.

Thank-you again for the overwhelming love and support, it means the WORLD to CrazyLarry.

July 25th, 2014:
As you likely have heard, Crazy Larry has been in a serious bicycle crash and is currently in the hospital recovering.

July 28, 2014: A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Sheila MacCready for sponsoring the hosting of his website, so we can keep you posted on things. Also a big thank you to Lunarpages for giving 50% OFF his hosting this year as a contribution! Please check back often. Listen to the Mountain FM Interview here and Banff Centre Radio.

A personal message from Crazy Larry on Monday night July 28th, 2014, during my visit at the Foothills (web girl):
Everybody should realize that the magical knowledge of life is knowing that in every moment of this life, you can make a difference in this world and in someone else’s life. Remember always that every one has an Everest and that everyone’s Everest is special and that I just might be on my Everest. Thanks to all for making me feel like family again as it’s an unusual feeling I don’t know.”

In the news: MTBCast.com, Are Ya Kiddin Me.com.

A message from Lisa who put the GoFundMe together for CrazyLarry:
“I had a chance to visit CrazyLarry today. He is doing pretty good, was being discharged from the ICU to the trauma floor and he was thankful for that. When I told CrazyLarry about all the love coming his way he couldn’t believe it, with a tear in his eye he said you have no idea how much this is going to help me. He asked me to THANK ALL OF YOU for your donations and kind words. He asked me to print out all the comments from this page and get it to him, there was no wi-fi at the hospital so I couldn’t read them all to him, but each note made him smile bigger, so I wished I could have. He can’t wait to tie each one if you the craziest best balloon animal EVER!!”


Check out the Go Fund Me page for all the supportive comments and donations made.

metro news update 2 on crazy larry

Welcome to Crazy Larry’s website. Please excuse the dust..It’s under construction, but feel free to add your comments! Please subscribe for updates!


Wow! ~ Crazy Larry’s gotta a BRAND NEW website !
Please excuse a few posts need more up to date editing
–  http://www.crazylarry.ca
–  http://crazylarry.ca/today-i-ride-for-you-riding-for-mom/


Not Till the Last Kid goes home!

Not Till the Last Kid goes home!

There are many of “‘you” out there who have helped me to be the person I am today.
Your wonderful ways have helped shape who I am today. Through your encouragement much confidence in my ways you’ve helped  me shape encourage and motivate the many kids and youth I come into contact with daily/weekly/yearly. Yes, I spend my life mostly helping others.
However, the world does not revolve around me.
We are truly ALL on the same team. (I wrote a little blip before you post to read to help center your thoughts of who I am *only in part)

How wonderful it is to know that with your single story you can make this world a better place!
Your particular story can make a difference!

Your friend
Crazy Larry

Message to you all:

I am inviting all my friends especially those of you who I have just met to write something a comment  or short story (paragraph) of the moment when we met. Describe the moment and how it unfolded….. about my ways my philosophies and my intentions to make a defining moment with ‘every’ person I meet in an actions speaks louder than words way. Maybe, something from the heart? Maybe, a Pay it Forward action? Maybe, I did that with you!?

Maybe, I was able to make a difference in your day in helping keep your faith that one of the best ways to give is from your heart  “without owing anyone anything”.
The intent was I do this for you, now you go on and do something for someone else, and from “your” heart.
If I’ve impacted or influenced your life in some small or even a big way; possibly stopped your son or daughter niece or cousin from crying; Please remember the experience, feel it then write it down below.

Your story, comment or paragraph ‘can‘ make the difference!

*If I’ve possibly made a defining moment which impacted you when meeting you that you are recalling now, I am asking for your efforts with a nice comment “Right Now“…. to allow those (*in the below links) who have invited me to such places as –


…… for them to get to know who I am in a good way by this site; from “you” commenting; and what I stand for; what I’m about and do here in Canada.

*Your* comments will be extremely instrumental in convincing someone who is a owner of a business, CEO Vice-President Acting Director, teacher or principle, government official who has the power to make a good honourable difference in life, some who have more money that just sits in the bank to help in a team way those kids and youth who are just waiting for a chance to also make a difference. I just want to get the ideas dreams unfolding and rolling. I have a program. I have a Tour.

Scientist say: In Nature ~ Nothing takes more than it needs. Everything that thrives in nature in the long run is in cooperation.
Many in their own economic life are operating outside of these parameters. Many have been taught by our system to take everything they can get and that this will make them feel better. And after a while that programming seems to work?

Some go as far as thinking after achieving this that they are better than the next person. That their ranking in the hierarchy of society and their own lives is so because they are more valuable than you.
Those people literally fashion their world thinking in order to feel significant they need to at some else’s expense.
Some even think subconsciously through actions they own you; respect is lost; honourable ways go out the window. Making money at all costs becomes the new adopted way oblivious to many before dying.

Among the many people who are may be so inclined to think they are better than you (many without knowing it); some if they are a CEO may also feel this way and act like they are better (again without knowing it); and some, well some just feel the need to take from the naive; to take advantage of those who can not say ‘no’ in order to get more is to take more.  This is such the Cancerous idea.
Some may call it for the greed of money.  Many that are caught up into societies ways might balk at this and say, “Hey! That’s business!” Shut up! You know nothing!

I say, “This is such a Cancerous idea”
“You might too!?”

Is it though?

Influencing each other with actions that are toxic, the bar owner thinking he’s helping someone have a happier life by taking hard earned money by those naive enough to not recognize a alcohol problem or have the ability to say no (no offense here to anyone – we live in a democratic society) but is this good democracy being played out? One that has honourable intentions?….. or the lawyer who simply price gouges along with others in business. Siting I have to.

Is this the way to nurture the human spirit?
Or is it that some of us have just caught on long ago while some didn’t?
Is it the good ways of a good society?
I ask you?
Is this how we are taught to be nice to each other?

This Cancerous way, literally undermines the very core that we are not separate from each other of who we are as humans that of getting along with compassion helping others.  This is the very foundational idea of why we have so many problems today. Be the change you wish the world to be!

Life is truly not taking more than you need.
We are not and were never wired to be self interest machines. To be separate from each other. Most people in general feel like we are first and foremost singular human beings; secondarily social beings. THAT tends to create separations. To be more passive and apathetic as far as the political system is concerned.

A good example might be when we pass by trash we look at it glance it but do we pick it up? No. As humans we are very influential creatures. Its science, it happens, it is happening.

Some of us which are self taught to think, “your job in this world is not to be a citizen but to be more a consumer” And some to make as much money as they can.
And to make it at all costs. We then become vultures about it.

Part of the general world then think life revolves around money will make you happy. We then loose citizen; each other; and passing on a better gene pool.
Some of us grow into the way of using money to manipulate control others; their ways; their lives.
I myself, from being at the age I am, fall prey to the negative ways of the above explained (in part) way because of my neurons are already programmed. Believe me, I’m working on developing into a different way; with every piece of trash I pick up; with every homeless person I feed or help; with everything I simply give away.
I say, “What about the kids? About that Fresh Fresh chalkboard of development?”

I’m all about team. Helping each other.
Today science knows that we are all on the same team through quantum physics entanglement theory; through Einstein’s theory and studies that today are proven.

** Please ~ If you will…take the time to write something ‘nice’ whether it be a short story about a time we had together talking laughing / sharing a story or even a moment my tying you or your kid a balloon or FUN time at an event or while you were out and about explaining the situation you encountered with me as accurately and in detail as you possibly can.
Ever have a dream?
Well this one is mine.
The Today I Ride for You Tour goes across Canada to ALL the Skateboard Parks.
*See right hand column Recent Posts Today I Ride for You.

I have NO donation button as of yet.

However, E bank transfers ‘will’ and ‘do’ work from your bank directly to mine.
I have used my monies for the last 30- yrs to help others. This may not be in line with how others think. Helping the homeless, those down on their luck, those in a broken relationship, no job and just plain feeling negative about life from the negative aspects of our society.
We“are suppose to be on the same team, helping each other.

I believe, that is in part ‘the why?’ I’m still single. lol
I “love” helping people. I have not had time nor embarked on my dreams as of yet.
But the plan is already in the making now.

Donations can be made quite quickly VIA: Bank E-Transfers. (very easy!)
Short instructional video below link:

Thanks! If you decide.
Thanks! anyways even if you choose just to read. That in itself may allow you to spread my message.

*I do promise you this!

I WILL NEVER GIVE UP my challenge to impact kids/youth in a HUGE way; make a paradigm shift in their way of thinking; Empower ALL to know that ‘they’ “CAN” make a difference in their days to come! To make for a better world

**Remember YOU ARE going to impact others who read your post – your writing.

Your writing something WILL impact others = re: sponsors and those who dare or care to help me along my way of helping others. There are many who have the money to do so. Many who some time help others only for their personal image to be good. Meaning not from the heart.
I figure ~ Money is much better spent on GOOD things than sitting in a bank.

When you help me YOU WILL see the difference?
Different than it “sitting” in the bank eh!?
Money was made to allow you to make the difference.
Now is your chance!

*** Please, I ask that you do this “immediately” as: ….Your comment might just be the one that “will” help to convince those with money that just sits in the bank with some items I need to affect the many hundreds…quite literally thousands of kids – cyclist – and youth with some humourful ways and some ‘High Energy’ announcing and the ability to CRANK the Crowds at various events. Some of those items are: Announcing System + Speakers, Commercial Barbecue or Custom-made for events, Sound Sampler, Custom-made FUN trailer for kids (my design includes custom installed smoke blowers, confetti launchers) strobe lights, tables chairs, walkie-talkies, all items to be self sufficient to be able to launch the many many hundreds of events for kids and youth.

We are all teachers. Some of us just don’t have the time.
I have a infinity love for kids and youth to come Full Circle to learn they can make a difference! Be the change you wish the world to be! Right?

* There ARE many Skateboard Parks across Canada!
See Recent Posts > Today I Ride for You – Riding for mom.

In order to become better citizens and have a better world one needs to be in touch with those that care.
Once in touch with those that can help this would enable me to help (with the aid of sponsors like: Shure Canada, Motorola & The Ellen DeGeneres TV Show, Tom Shadyac) to partner up with them to impact and encourage the many kids/ youth that deserve our help to make better sound ethical moral decisions learn about the word honour about respect for the future of our ‘Wonderful World’

*** Maybe, “You” can help to help me CRANK them up a notch or two or three and help me to define their NEW lives into being the examples we wish we were when we were younger.
That old age adage “Do as I say….Not as I do”… just does NOT work NO more!” (Never has!)

* If you care ~ Please pass this website address on to all your Facebook friends or email to that special person that you know who might care what I do or to help me along my way for a better world.

Thanks so very kindly for your effort ‘right now’
Actions speak louder than words here.
So go ahead ~ Write away!

If you have the time, listen to this it speaks of me and my ways.
Listen to the FIRST 30 minutes only. The rest is something I couldn’t separate.
I think, along the same lines as Tom Shadyac.
The Ultimate connection we can make in the world is that of helping each other.

147 Responses to Welcome

  1. Jeremy Bernard says:


    Thanks for your awesome enthusiasm during the 24 Hours of Adrenaline event in Canmore. You kept the riders pumped up and laughing. The kids loved you too!


  2. Cpl. Don Erichsen - says:


    Thanks for coffee at ‘Freshee’s in Fernie during the Transrockies Mountain Bike Race. You are truly an individual! I have passed you name along the Drug and Organized Crime Prevention office for this area. Cpl. Al Nutini is very interest in speaking with you!

    All the best!

  3. Sam Wilson says:

    We enjoyed the balloon animals at the Canmore Folk Festival this weekend. I’m not sure how you managed to keep up your energy, but for 3 full days all I saw was smiles and a welcoming character as you made those favoured animals for our kids. Good luck with your travels.

  4. Cesar says:

    Thoughts about F3: I can’t think of any negatives, all was good this year, lots of single track and awesome challenging course this year, never mind the rainy conditions that made it more challenging for some…
    About you, well what else could I say, you are the most awesome, inspiring, cheerfull, motivating guys that have around in all the races !!! I can’t thank you enough for all you do on these events !! Day 1 at F3 I was carrying the radio and I could hear you as the first riders were coming through !! it was awesome, it was like having you behind me all day long !!!!
    On a separate note I was down in Spokane in May doing the 24hours around the clock race and I can not say how much I miss you in the timing tent, it was a bit quiet and it wasn’t the same without you cheering on riders. It was a fun event though and I really enjoyed it, but wish you were there… Looking forward to see you in September at the 24hrs Canmore./

  5. Mina says:

    Crazy Larry
    I have never met you, but you met my brother & sister-in-law earlier in the summer when they visited Banff. My brother sent me an e-mail this morning suggesting I google you. Your spirit and energy inspired me and made my day.I fell in love with what you do and I’m going to continue to follow you and hope that your enthusiasm spreads. Keep up the amazing work. I will definitely tell others about you.
    Although my brother and his wife are from Northern California, I live in a small town in Northern BC. I don’t work but I spend my time taking a ton of pictures and post them on Facebook and a site called ‘LoveIt’ just to make people smile.
    Keep smiling
    PS I loved the choir.

  6. I met Larry the past two years in Hinton Alberta for the provincial MTB XC races. I love it when he is on the microphone because he has a pure joy for sporting events and as I passed through the feed zone for my last lap Larry called out my name and said way to go, keep it up Jeff, It gave me a huge boost of energy. After the race he was making baloon animals for the kids. I look forward to this yaers race in Hinton and Canmore Africa bike.

  7. Logan says:

    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for your energetic voice at the Africa Bike Project race this weekend at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Your energy and enthusiasm made everyone who involved and raced with extra power and fun experience! See you around. Take care!


    • crazylarry says:

      Hi Logan
      Would you consider helping me reincarnate the African Bike Project Race?
      I AM going to do it !
      Its going to include helping build wells, too!
      I AM also going to bring balloons; I don’t think ANY of those kids know what a balloon looks like; let alone learn how to tie one!?
      I plan on throwing ONE BIG Party Kick-off for a Kids Club out there, too!

  8. Jamie Perkins says:

    Larry, I competed in 24 hours of adrelelin last year. I contributed 50 years to our teams total After finishing a lap at 4:30 am, the first think I see is you with a big smille and encouraging words. It meant alot to me.


  9. Your friend Logan says:

    Hi Larry,
    Congratulations to the super website.
    I will never forget the 2 days with you before and I am very happy to have met you. It was also nice, as you in Jasper, the two children have brought two Lufballons laugh. I hope you survived your bike accident well and I would be very happy if we could meet again. I ride in September from Whitehorse to Vancouver and if time allows, I’ll stop in Banff. Best regards from your friend
    never give up

    • crazylarry says:

      Keep tabs on my Calendar on my website.
      I will try and keep it updated best as I can as internet time permits. k
      Will be thinking about you on the way home, for sure! and our FUN times!
      Your a wonderful person to ride with and know!
      Your friend
      Crazy Larry

  10. Leighton says:

    Hey Larry,

    Congratulations on your new website. I had fun hanging out with you this past weekend in Hinton. As always, you help make the local mountain bike racing scene what it is. I was talking to my daughter about this and I asked her, ‘What would it be like at races without Crazylarry?’ and she answered, ‘Booooooring!’ So thanks again for all the time and effort you put in. We definitely appreciate you!

    • crazylarry says:

      I’m up here still in Jasper. Its Wed. August 29th,2012 ….Trying to leave on Thursday late night. Watch the SPOT GPS.
      I am having problems with getting the proper bike rack carrier for my little 24 hr knapsack so I don’t get sweaty on the back for the journey back to Banff.
      One push, don’t think so…but will try. NEW bike, unsure conditions (I’m guessing very cold possible snow storms), and carrying the knapsack scares me for safety sake. Risk management etc. Sucks !
      I’d like to be back for Saturday Xterra Canadian Championships. Announcing it will be fun!
      Thanks for your kind words.
      So much FUN announcing and cheering you on and for the matter ‘your entire family!’
      Your friend
      Crazy Larry

  11. Eva says:

    Hi Larry!

    Thanks for being at the finish line in Hinton! It’s always fun to have you at bike races! I really like your balloon animals too!

  12. Lauri Wischoff says:

    I first saw your enthusiasm at 24 hours of adrenaline in Canmore. You kept me excited at the prospect of riding sleep deprived in the midde of the night.

    I love the energy you brought to the Alberta MTB/Marathon Championships this past weekend in Hinton. Between leading the kids race and making sure we all stopped & cheered for the last marathon competitors, you embody the idea that everyone’s efforts are equally important. I hope that my son grows up with the same attitude.

    Go Crazy Larry Go!!!

  13. Stephan Couture says:

    Hi Larry

    It was my first race in Hinton this weekend and I felt so good when I passed the finish line and you were encouraging me to push as much as I can. You are a great guy. This weekend was fantastic and I love the way you treat people… everybody is a winner in the cyclist family. It was a great weekend and I will come back next year stronger to win again but in an higher category and I hope you will be there to scream my name and say that I nailed it again 😉

    Thanks Larry you are a great guy 😉


  14. Marta says:

    Larry, you’re quite a dude. It was great having your energy as the foundation of the 24 HOA, but it was even better meeting you in person in Jasper today. Loved our chat, and I think we can work together to change the world for the better – here’s a link to the first annual Find the Common Thread Pajama Day in Jasper and all of the photos, videos, and write ups http://findthecommonthread.com/2012/03/12/the-video-of-the-evening-fashiondance-show/. You can also find us on Facebook (Find the Common Thread) and here’s a link to my blog about Wegener’s (www.weggiesunite.blogspot.com) You now have my contact info so lets keep connected and you can get Banff all duded up in PJ’s next February.

    Peace Bro, and best of luck with all of your endeavours.


  15. Peter Knight says:

    Imagine if Crazy Larry, Brett Tippie, Brad from Crankworx, and Rob Warner were all announcing at a race together. The world would explode from awesomeness. Larry was hilarious in Hinton, though I’m not sure my opponents appreciated it when he said out loud that they just got dusted by Peter. I always love to see someone suffering through the stadium and Larry will yell out “This guy LOOOVVVVESS cycling”

  16. Bruce Dickman says:

    Got to meet Crazy Larry at Furious 3 this Year!

    He Totally lives up to his name!

    One of the most entergetic MC North of the Border!

    Best to You LARRY!

  17. Mike Hawk says:

    Thanks for the Ice Cream!!! -BHA

  18. David Trottier says:

    I met Larry volunteering at the 2012 Subaru Banff Triathlon. He is a special guy, full of energy and enthusiasm and unlimited patience, He kept a group of about a dozen teenagers (thank you Banff Hockey Academy) working hard for several hours in hot weather to get the job done, this after he had spent several hours on the bike course encouraging the athletes and managing the traffic. He is a “one of a kind” person and brightens everyone’s day. If you let him on the microphone, he will make any event better. Thanks, Larry, for brightening my day.

  19. hans says:

    yo larry is the biggest beauty alive thanks for the ice cream btw

  20. Richard Ridlehubber says:

    Crazy Larry,

    Congratulations on your new blog. I am looking forward to following your Adventures and will share it with the SC chapter of the Crazy Larry Fan Club. The blogosphere will never be the same.

    Your friend,


  21. Shannon says:

    Hey crazy Larry,
    I wanted to say thank you for always having a smile on your face and so much positive energy.
    Whenever I see you at a race or a festival, or downtown Banff or Canmore I always get a
    Huge smile on my face and whatever kind of mood I’m in at the time prior to seeing you does not matter because from that time on I’m in a WAY better mood. I feel like it carries on to the next person.
    Your very inspiring 🙂

  22. Jay Nadler says:

    Hey Larry,

    Great seeing you at The Banff Film Fest yesterday. Since first meeting you at 24 Hours, I have always appreciated the community support & energy you provide. Yesterday I learned about your goals to bring the No Drinking message to school children. That is an important message.

    At a time when event organizers find it increasingly hard to find volunteers for races, you seem to fit more events & community support activities into your life. Thanks for all the work and good luck building your school programs.


  23. Jay Nadler says:

    Re: last message.

    I meant to say thanks Crazy Larry!


  24. You definitely “cranked the crowd” at the Fairmont Banff Springs tonight. My daughters eyes popped out of her head when she saw your balloons, then I got inspired as we were talking. Bless you for what you do and HOW you do it. Anyone considering sponsoring you should Not think twice. !!! You are changing the world one balloon at a time.

    • LOGAN says:

      HIHI, also I’ve seen him with his balloons. This man is unique in our world.
      Keep it real, your friend Logan STUTTGART / GERMANY

  25. dave crawford says:

    Hello Larry my old friend,

    Great to see your site.
    Since I first came here in 1997, and of course before that year, you have been an uplifting presence in many ways. Remember when you read a Bible lesson for me at St. Paul’s one Christmas Eve? That was a special Xmas for me.
    Hope to see you again soon.

    Grace and Peace,
    Dave Crawford

  26. Jon Naylor says:

    I met Crazy Larry last winter while visiting Banff. My wife and I were walking back from dinner in downtown Banff and I saw a 29er bike leaning up against a building. I was baffled as there was 4 feet of snow everywhere. I looked inside the shop and there is Larry, in a cycling jersey giving me a thumbs up as he noticed me checking out his bike. We went in and started talking. After 5 minutes I felt like I had known Larry for years. We talked about cycling of course, and it turned out we knew some of the same people even though I’m from the East Coast US. It was really apparent to me after talking to Larry that he has unlimited energy towards cycling and really seems to genuinely like helping others. I’m really glad I met you Larry, and I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. If there is ever anything I can do to help you, don’t hesitate to ask me.

    Jon Naylor

  27. LOGAN says:

    Hello my friend. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2013.
    Your new video on Youtube is so crazy, I love it.
    Have a good time forever :-))
    Cheers your friend Logan / GERMANY

  28. Tyler Eddy says:

    Hi Crazy Larry,
    Thanks for brightening our afternoon in Banff! Our boys were excited to see Santa, but even more excited about the balloon animals that you so enthusiastically crafted for them (that’s some exclusive company!) Keep up the great work and the boys can’t wait to see you on our next visit.

  29. Barry Kemp says:

    I saw a Facebook video and had to drive up to Banff from Airdrie to see Crazylarry with his marathon of Hope. This symbolizes the Christmas spirit as Larry talks to people, encourages people and is just generally a caring person. I am proud to call Larry a friend and I admire the work he continually does for others people. The world surely needs more people like him to help those who need a lift. Merry Christmas Larry. Barry Theresa and Joanna

  30. Marc Geestman says:

    Hey Larry!
    Thanks for making my daughter’s Christmas Eve by making her a balloon puppy! She skipped all the way home from Banff Ave… She’s 6 years old, and totally thought you were part of the magic of Christmas! Keep up the good work!

  31. kindnessinaction says:

    I would like to share an experience i had with Larry Melnik.(if you read this larry you will know who it is from)

    I was living&working in Banff Alberta 4yrs ago,and i had lost my job,&my staff accomadation.I had no where to go,Larry used his own money to help me out until i could get back on my feet,and find another job . I am greatful for what he did for me that day,I will never forget his random act of kindness. I learned a lesson from him that day,and i now help others in need.

    Larry helps others because it is what he lives for everyday.I strongly urge those who wish to sponcer Larry to do so,as he is worthy of it!

    from Kindnessinaction

  32. ramez says:

    How funny is larry, he made our evening soooo fun. He made us pick up trash but it was fun, Larrry knows how to make things that are boring fun. Crazy Larry mentioned shure cordless announcing system but it whoe-ever they are he makes them sound real good

  33. Tom Wolfe says:

    Crazy Larry you’re so crazy! It was great to bump into you on Christmas Eve. I hope all went well with your plans to get to Jasper! Happy New Year! Tom (little Ruthie’s and Rohan’s Dad)

  34. Andrea Kamila & Sofia says:

    hi Larry,
    it was funny to meet you in Banff.
    Sofia enjoyed a lot the 2 balloons you created for her.
    see you soon,
    Andrea, Kamila & Sofia (from Roma, Italy and Gdynia, Poland)

  35. You cannot “explain” Crazy Larry, you have to EXPERIENCE Crazy Larry!
    I have been to numerous Race events in many different cities were Crazy Larry was involved. His enthusiasm is off the charts – single-handedly creating a circus like atmosphere. His infectious positive outlook has motivated many riders. Whether a solo rider out for 24 straight hours or a toddler pushing a balance bike on their first race, Larry has impacted more riders than he will ever know. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  36. Dan Seto says:

    Hello Larry
    I was the one at last years ride for Isabelle and mentioned maybe organizing hot food.
    So I can offer from the Fudgery a donation of 1 chocolate cookied covered in mixed nuts for each rider. If its worth looking into donations for hot food let me know and any thing else that I can do to help this years ride let me know.

  37. Logan says:

    Here is Larry original, unique!
    So much fun, crazy,
    Have fun

  38. Jerry Auld says:

    Crazy Larry,

    Just finished another awesome Canmore Ski Fest and just wanted to say how much I appreciated you leading all those kids, my daughter included, on their race. I know my girl loved it. And showing the kids how to cheer on the adult endurance racers and then giving them the cowbells and bullhorn was a stroke of genius. I did see many broad grins on those focused athletes. Finally, as one of those racers, skiing 12 or 24 hours on the ghostly lit trails out in the dark and cold can get pretty isolating, but every time I rose up into the bright lights of the stadium there was your voice, spurring us on to get hyped up for one more lap, and one more, and one more. So thanks, dude. You make those long quiet events a real community.
    Jerry Auld

  39. Amanda says:

    Hi Larry,
    We spoke today at the kids Easter party in Banff, I would love if you could join us at our community head shave event ‘Shave your lid for a kid’ in Canmore. Please contact me and we can discuss the details! Look forward to hearing from you!
    Take care, Amanda 🙂

  40. Mazi says:

    Hey Larry, something amazing to see your enthusiasm even couple of hours after Midnight and great job in keeping the racers informed…and entertained in the same time;)

  41. Crazy Larry, I was one of those athletes that got cheered on by the kids with cowbells and a bullhorn at the Canmore Ski Fest, it put a smile on my face and warmed my heart, I even skied a little faster!
    You have a great energy! I enjoyed being around you because I could see that you genuinely care about each person and look for the best in them. I am glad that you are fulfilling your destiny of being born to help people!

  42. Amanda says:

    Hi Larry,
    We met last week and I just wanted to make sure that you had the details right for our event. Please email me and we can talk more! Hope you are well! Amanda

  43. Christophe says:

    I first heard about Larry in Whistler, when I began informing my friends and family that I was making a move to Banff. People were telling me about this crazy man named Larry who lives in the mountains, that I would eventually bump into him without a doubt. They said you’ll know its him when you see him, he high fives everyone he sees, that’s the sure sign its him. One week into Banff, I get on the town transit bus and this animated character, the bus driver, wearing a hat made out of balloons, greeted me with a big high five. I knew right away he was Crazy Larry. I was on the bus on my way to work, but Larry had other plans. The whole bus and its occupants took a detour to a yard sale that Larry thought we might enjoy. I knew this was my kind of town from that moment forward. I have lots of great stories about Larry and his positive activism in the community, they are a dime a dozen! Larry sets the pace for Banff’s lifestyle and its community. I’ve never met a person who gives so much and takes nothing nor wants anything in return. He is truly an inspiration to Banff and its people, to the whole human race. Keep on rocking Larry, high five buddy!

  44. Christophe says:

    Crazy Larry is presently using a megaphone to crank the kids and cyclist up…..a megaphone…..Crazy Larry has something important to say and he needs to be heard loud and crystal clear and he sure is not achieving it with a megaphone! What he needs is some proper audio management, anything from Axient for example, a Canadian company known to produce high quality audio equipment, something sure to get the crowd rocking, something as sure as Crazy Larry himself.

  45. Alexandra says:

    Crazy Larry should have his own announcing system….he’s at so many events ALL over the world! Events he asked to do so often.
    MY Dad knows of a Company called SHURE Canada Cordless Systems and Crazy Larry has talked so many times about them with every racer it seems he meets…..they should sponsor him, that would be GREAT to see him CRANK the crowd with that ONE!!

    Good Luck Crazy Larry with ALL your events for kids.
    I Sure hope Shure Canada helps you!

  46. Charlotte & Warren says:

    We saw you sweeping the gravel off of the Legacy Trail last week Crazy Larry…. Wow, 2 km done, 22 to go! We hope your body (and broom) hold up to all that sweeping. We wish we owned a power sweeper to loan you. Thanks so much for doing this. We can’t wait to ride the Legacy Trail again. You rock Crazy Larry! Thank you!

  47. Riley says:

    Keep it up Larry!!

    =) crazylarry¤

  48. Amanda says:

    Hi Larry,
    Sorry I missed your call. If you can be at Elizabeth Rummel school tomorrow (May 3rd) at around 3.30pm that would be perfect. The kids will be so excited to see you! Thanks so much for making the time to be part of our fundraiser for Kids Cancer Care and helping us to riase funds and awareness!
    See you soon!

  49. Sean Krausert says:

    Crazy Larry is truly one of the most unique individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His broad smile, endless energy, and unmatched enthusiasm bring joy to many events in the Bow Valley. He has a heart for making people happy, and there is no greater calling than that! Whether announcing, making balloon animals for kids, encouraging the bike community or pumping up a crowd . . . Crazy Larry makes every event with which he is involved better.

    Sean Krausert
    Councillor, Town of Canmore

  50. J.D. Pauls says:

    Hi Larry,

    Your energy is second to none. The world needs more Crazy Larrys! You do a lot for a lot of people, kids and your community. Keep it up and stay strong!

  51. Dino Smiljic says:

    Hello Larry: It was nice to meet you, had a very nice chat with you in Banff yesterday, and enjoyed getting to know you a bit. Hope Bruce Croxon stopped by to speak with you. If you want to have that coffee sometime, send me a note. Sending you and your mom some good vibes,


    Dr. Dino

  52. SPOT says:

    It was great talking to you. Thank you for sharing your story! Good luck on your journey! Our hearts go out to you! 🙂 -SARAH

  53. Ryan C says:

    Just wanted to tell you your awesome.
    Keep doing what you do.
    Stay positive and I wish you the best.
    “You Rock” “Go Go Go”

    Your friend Caston.

  54. Adam and Christen says:


    My fiancee and I stopped about a month and a half ago when you were out cleaning up the Trans Can on our way back from Banff on our way to Canmore. I believe we talked to you for about 40 minutes with our 4 ways on parked on the side of the highway. I was just talking to friend of mine about you and I wanted to look you up on the internet. Well, here you are! I hope all is well Larry! Keep up all of the great work and I hope to see you on Ellen soon!!!!!!!

    Adam and Christen

  55. bc says:

    no matter how bad a racers day was, you allways put a smile on our faces

  56. Megan says:

    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the balloon animal at YYC today. You really cheered up my day and now I’m ready to cheer up all my guests on the plane!


  57. Jon Huyer says:

    Larry is a true inspiration, a great volunteer whose enthusiasm and cheerfulness are boundless and contagious. He can be found wherever volunteer work is needed, often before anyone even asks for it. One of his many talents is the ability to be a one-man cheerleading troupe, going non-stop for the full 24 Hours of Adrenalin race in Canmore. His recent personal setbacks have not slowed him down one bit. In fact, he has added even more energy and drive, and is selflessly turning his own loss into a great gain for countless others. I, like everyone who has met him, cannot help but be inspired by his courageous attitude, his infectious enthusiasm, and his generous spirit. It is people like Larry that make the Bow Valley the best place to live.

  58. Spank says:

    Hey crazy Larry I hope u remember me from forest glade come back before you leave on your journey people need balloons!

    • crazylarry says:

      TODAY is Monday ~ July 15th,2013
      GREAT to hear from one of you at the Skateboard Park! I was wondering what your thoughts were about my visit?
      http://www.24hoursofadrenalin.com/canmore/ President and Director of Operations have asked me to attend the 24hrs of Adrenaline HUGE Race held in Canmore, Alberta – Canada. (Sold out ‘every’ year ONE WHOLE year in advance!….there will be 1650 participants) *take a peak at some video’s of it:

      I accepted their offer to fly me back home to Banff, Alberta (my hometown) if they were able to then fly me back quickly to finish business with my mom passing away. (house cleaning, grass cutting, paperwork doings, legal stuff etc.)
      It’s truly CraZy times with a Cancer that is suppose to affect only my mom; the repercussions of her going through everything affect ‘everyone’ around you; Especially family! > meaning my brother and I !!! Crap! It’s terrible.

      About the 24 hrs of Adrenaline race dude….
      It ‘is’ an amazing race to watch/attend/cheer other cyclist on from ALL around the world! *To say the least…..
      I ‘some times’ allow all the athletes (1650) to chase me down FULL SPRINT with a Lemans Start to allow most riders to be spaced apart when they mount their bikes to take off down the race course. Amazing Action!
      I WILL Try to get it on Camera GoPro! Hopefully the WiFi works splendid !??

      When I come back to Windsor we can ALL watch it together at the Skateboard Park or other location with a BIG large screen. ok!? (*let me know?)

      I am so glad to have met you ALL!
      *You ALL very much have a STAR in you just waiting to come out!

      I HOPE someone says something nice enough (maybe from the B & E Skateboard Club/group) to the Parks & Recreation of Tecumseh and I can CRANK them up at the Lesperance Skateboard Park Opening!

      *Hopefully, I can help bring that out of ALL of you!
      We’re really all on the same team eh!?

      Your buddy
      CraZy Larry

      • Raelene says:

        Hi Larry, love how God arranges meeting people randomly but with his purposes! May the Lord bless you richly with his wisdom and his power as you share hope and love with those you meet! May your light continue to shine as you reach out to change lives. If you get a chance YouTube Todd White…you remind me of him!
        Ephesians 1
        Colossians 1
        Much love from the ladies from Saskatchewan

  59. mike says:

    Hey larry,

    Had an awesome time meeting you at Forest Glade skate park in Windsor Ontairo. I wish you the best of luck and always, put down the beer and spread some cheer! ツ
    P.s ballons were a great idea! I hope to see the video soon!

  60. Alex Webb says:

    Its Alex thanks for all the encouraging and motivating words, your the #1 rider in the world. You will inspire so many people with your accomplishments.

  61. JC and Jesse says:


    Thanks for the bottles, fun meeting you out at Nordic center today! Them wheelies get hardcore, but when you can do em on any gear, they start getting easier (but maybe we were just trying to make you look stupid)! Anyways, we hope in a few years we’ll see ya again, but next time it’ll be over the finish line of 24 hours of adrenaline! And remember, sometimes ya gotta go outside to find what’s inside!

  62. Yves Matson says:

    Hi Larry
    Thanks for all your boundless energy at the 24HoA race last weekend! The event wouldn’t be the same without you.

  63. freddy says:

    Great meeting you today at MEC in Calgary!

    Thanks for the chocolate bar, I should have been the one giving it to you! I’m looking forward to this documentary, and to follow your crazy adventures along the way!
    Keep on smiling cause it sure brightened my day!

    Hope you like the freeze dried food we picked out!


  64. Megan says:

    I’d never heard of you until I met you in Freshies today (I was the one with the cool pointy shades), but it was a pleasure meeting you and I’d like to see you around more.

  65. Kim says:

    The Fernie Freshies girls want to thank you for all the laughs and the dance party till we meet again keep rocking the word with crazy! Xoxo the Freshies crew remembering our marylin’s and micheals!!

  66. Christian Schuler says:

    Hi Larry
    You did a great Job by the Tour Divide this Year it was my first Atempt.
    The weather was perfect by the Start only in the late Afternoon the Rain was
    coming and it was getting realy cold. The next day was sunny again and we
    heating the Road to Elkford Pass very god Conditions and now Snow.
    The Canada Section was for my on of the best;-)
    Ifen if i don’t finished the Race i made 2160 km after i quit in Lima.
    Then i just take Highways and Interstates all the way down to Colorado
    Boulder i now a Girl there from Travelling so stayed by here to 16. of Juli
    until i was flying back to Switzerland;-)
    Al in all it was a great Adventure for my special your great Performanc makes the
    the Race so special thank’s for that.
    Greetings from Switerland

    Boulder i now a Girl there from Travelling so i stayed by here to the 16 of Juli then i

  67. Joel says:

    Hey Larry – great to meet and get to know you a bit at the TR7 – your enthusiasm really adds a LOT to that event. Particularly loved the emotional push on Day 3 on the final climb up *%#@! Hill in Fernie… Keep up the great work Larry!


  68. Tyson says:

    Crazy Larry,

    Enjoy the gyros and the scenery!!

    Stay safe out there!!

    Your EMS brother

  69. Richard Sewell says:

    Hey Larry.

    So great to meet you last night in downtown Windsor under the shadow of the tall ships. Nice coincidence that we were both visiting the same town we grew up in at the same time. Once back in Washington, DC I will spread the word and get the greater DC cycling community dialed in to your current tour, I look forward to following you progress and seeing the evidence of your great mission….. best of luck! Be safe and ride on.

  70. Andalieb says:

    Thank you for entertaining my son and all the other kids he was with at the Tallships Festival yesterday. He is still blowing on the dog’s tail to inflate it the way you showed them.

    Thanks and good luck.

  71. Barry & Benz Wilson says:

    Crazy Larry – was a fresh breath of air when we met him at the local SuperStore in Windsor. Making balloon animals for children just to contribute to the spontaneous joy it radiates through their smiles and happy songs was incredible. Larry reminded me of my commitment in life which has been to motivate/inspire all around me and be a part of the fibre of paying it forward through random acts. Thanks for helping to reset my life compass. We need more crazy larrys in life. Safe travels and god speed. Barry

  72. Daniel Browning says:

    G’Day Larry!

    It was great to meet you at Transrockies!

    What’s your email address? I’ve got something to send you.

    Daniel – team Super Slackers

    • crazylarry says:

      Well, you little bugger…I never thought much about it.
      So many people say their going to do this or that with helping.
      Thanks so very very much Daniel !
      Very thoughtful of you to do such a sponsorship!
      Many kids will benefit from this!
      Your Amazing buddy! Amazing!
      *Yes! It was VERY much a surprise!!! Wow!
      Thank you so very kindly !
      Just in the nick – of – time shall we say for ideas to take to fruition.
      High Five!
      Warm regards
      Crazy Larry

  73. Larry,
    Great to talk with you today at the Tallships Festival – remember now, aluminum welding, Vincent Massey HS alumni, circa 1974, environmental research… happy trails my friend!!


  74. Lori says:

    Hi Larry,

    We enjoyed meeting you today at Zehrs. Hope you complete your goal, biking to Baff. Have a safe trip. P.S. You’ve expired us to bike more and have fun along the way.

    All the best, make your mom proud.

    Lori & Spence

  75. Sean Haskett says:

    When will we hear from you? Trainer Sean AKO!

  76. Sean Haskett says:

    Hi Larry ! Hope all is well and you are still making people smile. The team was looking forward to wishing you well on your adventure. Please keep in touch, as we all have become a fan of your Tribute Ride! Friends always Sean Haskett AKO Trainer.

  77. joe chisholm says:

    Good luck on all of your endeavors. What a gentleman and a scholar you are. My wife and I appreciated greatly your efforts in entertaining our children with your balloon sculptures. Come back to Harrow anytime.
    Best Regards,
    Joseph and Susan Chisholm

  78. Joe and Susan Chisholm says:

    Hi Crazy Larry! Good luck on all of your future endeavors! We really appreciate you taking the time to entertain our children with your balloon animals. They were so happy in the morning when they woke up to see the little creations you made. We enjoyed listening to all of your exciting tales and future hopes during your late-night stop in Harrow. You are welcome back anytime and hope to see you again. The best of health and happiness for a bright cycling future ahead.
    Kind Regards,
    Joseph and Susan Chisholm

  79. Sean Haskett says:

    Just thought you might want to know,AKO won the Ont. Football Conference Championship and thanks for your support! Looking forward to showing you my new ring!

    • crazylarry says:

      Dear Sean Haskett~
      Your an amazing combo team physio/ first aid guy! A champion performer all the way! I believe, you played a ‘Huge’ role in helping the Windsor Frattmen win their Championship! Bravo! & Kudos to you my friend!
      Thanks so very much for pulling me in around barriers to stand with the team on the side lines! Wow! Spectacular! Fun! Revealing! I will surely give you any videos!
      I would like to take this time to apologize ‘sincerely’ to you, the team, coaches, owner in missing a few games that I DID wish and had planned to attend.
      I fell in love with the teams enthusiasm their accepting me along the side lines filming them, talking, sharing stories with me. Making me feel accepted was amazing! I will ‘never’ forget it.
      *Tell the team,I take that feeling with me in all I do today!
      However, extenuating circumstances reliving family problems arising from long ago once again overly occupied my time. With all my family gone or estranged to I thought with only having a brother left I might be scott-free of problems. These problems also interfered with my schedule for completing a planned trip across Canada! THAT will be completed at ALL costs!
      I planned it. It’ll get done!

      There are many kids and youth counting on me. I won’t let them down.
      I believe ~ There are too many in this lifetime that count on us ALL. ALL of us adults are suppose to pave the way to show GREAT leadership qualities.
      In one simple chance meeting of the Windsor Frattmen (By mistake I arrived at the Stadium thinking it was my High School Football team) I was able to see the quality drive in each team member, coach, owner in showing what it is like to work together and push forward to believe achieve and accomplish. They showed to the letter the literal meaning of “Believe”. They showed how to push over obstacles like champions do. That however it is no easy task it ‘can’ be done by believing persevering and persistence and ‘focus’.

      I wish to get together with the team.
      I wish also to get together with the coaches and owner once again. Sure! I want to see the ring on everyone’s finger!

      I have you zeroed in on my plans for next year.
      I want to help.
      I want to help bring the Windsor AKO Fratmen to another Championship! On and Off the field. To be a true champion it is better to have the utmost in integrity. Integrity is what you do behind everyone else’s back; it’s really who you ‘really’ are.

      High Five to ALL of you Windsor AKO Fratment – ‘The Championship Team!’

      I hope you all stay friends with me.
      I hope you all visit my website; possibly write a nice comment.
      Maybe through those comments I can get sponsored to supply the team with some great nutritional ways come next season. Its what I study to enable me to go after a World Record.

      Stay in Touch!
      I look forward to staying in close touch all season.
      If and when any of you get the chance to visit me out WEST in Banff, Alberta ‘Get you butt out there!…Bring family friends girlfriends boyfriends’ I’m there for ya!
      Stay in shape the whole off season!
      Another Championship is a coming!
      Lets begin by being Champions before entering the field of play.

      High Five ‘everyone!’
      From the Cyclist with the Bob Trailer watching you make your heart sing!

      Crazy Larry

  80. Mathew says:

    I never met Larry in person, we spoke over the phone because my company does service for his bike computer. Even if we never met you just can’t help feeling all the energie and goodness coming out of this guy It’s always a pleasure speaking with Larry even do he always needs something really really quickly at the last minute, he’s one of those customer who you just can’t help helping out. Everytime he calls me for something it’s always a good day.

    Keep up the good work Larry and good luck for your world record.
    If you need anything for your bike computer you have my number.
    And If you ever come to Laval, Quebec don’t be a stranger.

    Mathew and the Raytech Team.

  81. Cathy Williams says:

    Hi Larry…we met on the plane last night (Christmas eve) and I was bummed out because I had been stuck for two days due to the ice storm and was leaving my daughter. YOU my friend made my day. Thanks for all the smiles and laughs! You are awesome!

  82. crazylarry says:

    Thank you for sharing your story with me your such an inspirational guy. I wish you all the best in your quest if half the world shared your enthusiasm for others it would be a lot better place I hope you catch up with the runner and have a safe ride
    Anthony Hopkins
    Whales, UK

  83. James P. says:

    Hi Crazylarry,

    I met you at the start of the Tour Divide ’13 Grand Depart. Spoke with you briefly just after the horde rode off.
    Wanted to tell you that it was awesome to feel your enthusiasm and energy that day. There should be a person like you at all events like that.
    The way you pump up the ‘crowd’ and racers was extraordinary. (reminded me a LOT of the way my sister is…I told her about the effect you seem to have on the people you meet, that you two were sort of like kindred spirits).
    I hope that our paths will cross again someday.
    Keep up that amazing energy, it’s ridiculously contagious…and that’s a good thing, man!

    Cheers Brother!

    Sherwood Park, Alberta

  84. Beckham Rawcliffe says:


    I met you in Banff, and let me just say… you Made myday. i hope you get a sponsor, because your a great person!

  85. Kyle says:

    Hope you made it to Banff alright brother, was great meeting you, and hope we run into each other again.
    In case you don’t remember me, I helped yah get to Canmore, we’re both electricians, and grew up in Windsor 😉
    Take care man


  86. Elizabeth Squires says:

    I work at a Booster Juice place that Crazy Larry makes this a regular stop; his cheerie company and the fact that he makes balloons for every kid coming in or passing by our window makes him a joy to have here! I mean who does that from the heart for free?Anyways, as my story goes: When Crazy Larry’s mom died he was at the river front watching the Tall Ships that Annually come by to dock here….After the day passed by to noon – hour Crazy Larry noticed a running race feed station being set up at the river front close by in the same parking lot.He immediately went into Crazy Larry giving mode as he always (as I’ve found out later) carries balloons to tie for cheering up (just about everyone) …even babies crying he can make every one of them stop crying; its Amazing to watch! but he can!)So upon seeing this feed station he asked if he could help anyone out by possibly adding some cheer and his announcing abilities. They immediately were startled as the story goes…and said why sure if you think you want to? That’d be Great! He went on to tie an amazing array of balloons (100 or so in all) around the desk with all the paper water cups filled with water for the runners…making it a dazzling spot for the runners to run up to …jaws dropped of course; who would have expected so many colourful balloons galore! he then pulled out his GoPro and started to announce with some VERY High Energy and yelling each racers number out as they came up to the feed station area. Wow! The organizers of that area were completely taken as to where did this guy come from? He’s GREAT !! I know myself, as some of the runners came in to the Booster Drink place where I work and said some guy SURE lit it up …something we’ve never had before…and he’s apparently not even from this city. He lives in another.I then passed this on to Crazy Larry when he came in from one of his many bike rides he was biking to stay in shape for returning back to the Banff area on our county roads and river front/lake front roads.Later on Crazy Larry was invited to the Fire Fighter station HeadQuarters where this running race dedicated to a fire department personnel that died in a fire. When there he was greeted by a fireman who remembered Crazy Larry going by their son’s Skateboard Park. He was apparently cleaning a chainsaw at the back of a fire truck as Crazy Larry watched on in wonderment of what firemen do. He looked up and saw it was the same guy he knew. That lit his son’s day up by some spontaneous cheering at the Skateboard Park.To Crazy Larry amazement – He stood up from his cleaning shook Crazy Larry’s hand…and said, Thank you so very much for making those balloons for all those kids and announcing their names like some High Energy announcer you could be!Crazy Larry went on to tell him…I’m doing a Skateboard Park Tour across Canada to help kids learn about different things; being good good citizens, treating each other with respect has always been a big thing he talked about when coming into our store. So nice he’s taking the message on his tour, too! Also from his mom passing away of Cancer Crazy Larry has made it his responsibility to educate the kids and youth that have their little societies at those Skateboard Parks about nutrition and Cancer. And about Bullying each other without some times knowing it. I took it upon myself to find Crazy Larry’s website.You can find more about his Tour for your kids at http://crazylarry.ca/today-i-ride-for-you-riding-for-mom/Today I Ride for You – Riding for mom | Crazy Larry BanffNeedless to say Crazy Larry is not Crazy but literally hides behind the name to choose those who’s ways are judging the book before finding out what’s behind the cover philosophy.

  87. Taylor says:

    We met you today in Banff. I really have to say you brightened my day. I thought it was incredible how quickly and well you made balloon animals. It was a pleasure meeting you and I love how you are so genuinely outgoing and determined to make people, young and old, smile and have a better day. You are such a tremendous role model for kids and adults alike! The world needs more people with your smile, happiness and outlook!
    Best of luck in your future endeavors and I hope to see you again!
    Lethbridge, AB

  88. Rahim Kanjiyani says:


    Thank you for your enthusiasm on Easter Day 2014 at Banff. We had lot of fun. We wish you the best.
    Here are |Two Video’s| for you to enjoy! I enclosed them to let people see the joy you bring to the kids! *You the furthest thing from being Crazy! Crazy Fun maybe…but definitely NOT Crazy!
    I hope everyone gets that! My family definitely had a wonderful time there with you!
    I saw at the top of your website where someone stated: “What would an event be without Crazy Larry?”
    I now know.
    Thanks for being there!
    *Your Fun!
    *Your Policy of ‘Every Kid goes home with a balloon’ (stated in the video) shows the compassion you have for each and “every kid you see”. AmaZing energy!
    *Entertaining for ALL who get to know you!
    I think I see now your explanation for keeping the nickname given to you “Crazy Larry”; it truly sorts out those people who don’t have the ability to see beyond…as they would in of themselves wish someone to look beyond their name.This way I understand now, you can then see clearly how people think, without their actually know it! I would believe there are few (if any?) that might think your truly crazy.They would be of the type you wouldn’t want to be with yet you go on loving everyone equally. So humbling. (Thank you for our private conversation/explanation.
    You might think to work at your own Day Care some day!
    Your in essence a “Real Patch Adams” of the modern era. (as per letting us know you were once a nurse of the same way)
    *Your a honestly, a FUN FUN polite guy to know in life.
    Thank you for a FUN FUN day!
    My kids/wife/and I thought your an amazingly fast ballon tier!

    1. http://youtu.be/cYBN2m9EQ-o
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sa-PmlMHIU

    Rahim, Rozmin & Riona

    • crazylarry says:

      Thank you Rahim! Thank you so VERY very much!!!
      It was wonderful to have met such a man of effort!
      You simply agreed when I asked, “To take a video as souvenir for me” walked over immediately and did it!
      You’re truly a man of Action.
      Such character traits will be passed on to your kids.
      Life is so much about Action. And NOT being so afraid of disappointment.
      And that is a very comforting thought for someone like me that see’s much in the way of our kids of today. I get to see a different side most do not.
      I thank you for your very kind considerate observant comments.
      Ha! I wish there were more! Enough that might get me on shows like the Ellen Degeneres TV Show and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. There I would hope I get the chance to CRANK the audience like I do at an event. I hope to get better and better.
      Here’s hoping I get that “Platinum Sponsor” to allow me to fullfil my dreams of helping kids and youth even more with my Today I Ride for YOU >A tour across Canada from my (original) hometown of Windsor, Ontario.
      Story in link below.
      I am very Thankful Companies like FedEx Courier / Westjet / Banff Airporter / Wild Mountain Sports / Garmin that have recognized my heartfelt efforts by assisting me in discounts sponsored gear and sponsored rides to and from Calgary to pick up balloons for kids. Every little gesture helps!

      If, its a movement forward then its a positive step. Rather than a political remark “Sorry we can’t help you” There are many a politician for example two that stand out (Ed Russell & Sean Krausert) town councillor’s and radio show host DJ ‘Rob Murray’ (105.6 Mountain FM) in the town of Canmore, Alberta that always give me the time of day and try to help me out. Kudos to them!
      People like you; people like them; share some common traits = You are ALL life difference makers. They literally make a difference in people’s lives1
      It is my hope and prayer that in the coming years other Companies may recognize my efforts to help make a better world through kids and youth and donate through my email.

      Thanks once again for your amazing comment!
      I wish your family life’s kind ways that you ALL surely deserve!

  89. Shelley says:

    Hey, Larry, I was the photographer that took some pics of you biking from Banff to Cochrane. I would like to send you a few pics if you could give me an address to email them to.


  90. Ambra says:

    we met on the streets of Banff…………you made my two youngest daughters the best balloon
    animals/hats ever!
    Your words stuck with them ” If you are having a bad day, just help someone else…..it will cheer you right up.”
    It seems like you give all of your time cheering up others! I hope that means you most always have a good day!

  91. Rob Davidson says:

    Met Larry over the last couple of days pre tour divide. Late last night I met up with him. He had spent the day hitch-hiking to Calgary and looking high and low fir a Garmin mount for a racer. 3 hours and 12 minutes round trip and Larry had the mount at thecy ready to go. Well done larry!

  92. Marc Vien says:

    Thanks for a great evening of balloon making at the Sarah Harmer concert in Banff tonight. My girls had a blast. Singing, Dancing, Cheering…being CRAZY!! Can’t wait to see you cheering us on at the 24hrs of Adrenaline!

  93. Peter says:

    Crazy Larry was the most energetic volunteer at the banff marathon. He pumped up runners so much they asked him to come finish the race with them!

  94. Jennifer Newman says:

    Crazy Larry thank you for helping save those two grizzly bears today in Banff!!!
    Not only are you an amazing selfless human being you have truly impacted the Bow Valley Community especially Canmore during the Canada Day festivities! The Canmore Kids adore & appreciate your infectious positive energy & kind spirit!

  95. The Mulveys says:

    It was our first Canada Day fireworks viewing in Banff. We were excited from all the festivities during the day and Larry topped it off with a free crazy balloon hat for my 8 year old daughter at the end of the night when everyone was shutting down around him. He accepted no payment and by doing so increased our desire to spread kindness like he did. We think you are awesome and love how you help kids.

    Thank you.

  96. Leah Brewster says:

    Crazy Larry,

    I always remember you driving the bus In Banff.
    You were always there to greet us with a massive smile and a big high 5!
    You always made our day a better one 🙂

  97. alison hall says:

    I left Banff in 2006 and still remember you. You were always a friendly face around Banff and very helpful to the community.

    keep doing what you are doing, you are amazing!

  98. Luis Gonzalez says:

    Met you tonight at Tony Roma’s. You truly are a great human being. You gave a couple of balloons to my little brothers. I can tell you have a big heart and a passion for helping out others. The small things can really make an impact in someone’s lives. God bless.

  99. Michel Arbour says:

    Hi “Crazy Larry”, first sorry about my bad english, i’m french so I will try to do my best !!!

    Thursday July 10th 2014, I met you at a gas station in Canmore and you arrive beside of my motorcycle (an Indian Red) with my little trailer and an orange bag on the top of the trailer and you said that your bike with your trailer with your orange bag was similar as my bike+trailer+orange bag so you ask me to take a picture of both bike+trailer with you and ask me to send you the picture by email … Its done, I send you the picture last weekend !!!

    I saw in internet that you had a bicycle crash with serious injuries … I hope that you go fine now and more each day …

    Keep your beautiful smile and positive thinking … and continue to be a very good guy !!!

    Thanks to be part of my “roadtrip” !!!

    Michel from Montréal, Québec, Canada

  100. Brad Harrington says:

    Crazy Larry your incredible energy and enthusiasm were some of the fondest memories I have of my 2006 and 2007 24 HOA! We are praying that you have a speedy recovery and hope you are soon back in the saddle! Keep on given’er!


  101. Logan says:

    Hello my friend Crazy Larry,
    with consternation I unfortunately see only today that you in July a serious bicycle accident had. I wish you all the best in this way that you will recover completely, and that you can find all your fun cycling on again. I’ll never forget that day in September 2010 with you in Jasper in the laundry, that was so funny. And the trip to Banff the next day was so beautiful. The soup was so delicious. hihi.
    I wish you with all my heart good,
    your friend Logan / Stuttgart / GERMANY
    Never Give up !!!!! 🙂

  102. Scott says:

    Hi Uncle Larry,
    I will be in Canmore maybe for The Canmore Highland Games to volunteer. If not just before the long weekend, for sure just after. I might take this year off from the games, and thereby, avoid the craziness downtown we locals deal with every long weekend in Banff and Canmore.
    I still have the pictures from Mineral Springs and will share them with you. I trust your head looks very much more healed by now. I hope your lung and ribs are not having excess stress from extreme bike riding too early. I was seriously thinking about asking the cops to put the cuffs on your bike for two months because you were wanting to go biking (even if slow) before you even left the hospital. Now, that is truly CRAZZY! I don’t think they would have let you have it anyways. LoL Just kid’n….I know you miss your biking!
    I know how it feels to get a lot done before now. Don’t push it Larry. It is hard to do it one day at a time, but unfortunately, our body works on It’s own schedule. I told you about my surgeon at Foothills Hospital (he has 25 years neuro experience) saying “Your days of extreme bike riding are only limited by that in which you honour your body healing!” Now learn from this. Give it time. Let your head and body heal. I heard you passed this crazy advance cognitive thing’ma jig advance test for your brain to see if you’ve lost any marbles. You did it (what?) twice? You passed it better than a healthy well person of normal intelligence same day you woke up out of your coma. Bravo! Good job! Your well on your way to recovery buddy! So don’t screw up by going back on the bike so early. You are lucky you didn’t get squished by a tractor trailer. If you were a day earlier, maybe a helmet would have seemed more important than rent and laundry. I can’t believe, when you told me you were going to actually buy one that same very day!
    Anyways, I wish you the best with your recovery. Stay off the bike for a bit!!!!
    Give me a call so we can have a coffee. if you have that NEW smoothie maker, you can make me one, too! I’ll come over! LOL ha ha ha!
    I know the kids can’t wait to see you at the Day Care’s both Banff and Canmore. Don’t screw up with recovery now. ok!? A bit more healing. ( 😉 )

    Scott McKay

  103. Catherine O'Phee says:

    I’ll never forget having an overwhelming day with my son who has autism and moebius syndrome. I was stressed out being a single mother and his behavior was surely due to this that day. We were at lions park in Canmore when Larry came riding by and stopped and asked if my son would like a balloon animal. It instantly cheered him up and i thought “who its this guy?” He made a little difference that day and i see him continue to make a difference in others lives all the time. We love you Larry! Hope to see you around soon!

  104. Emily P says:

    I’ve known Crazy Larry for years from a distance. He is always present when there is a fund raiser. Yesterday we were lucky enough to experience how big his heart is. My kids and I volunteered at the Canmore Daycare Family Day Fundraiser. I was so busy with the booth I am assigned to that I forgot to that my 2 year old wanted his face painted. We went to the face painting booth and unfortunately she doesn’t have time to do my son’s face. Tears flowed of course and I my heart broke seeing his sad face. Crazy Larry was there and I told him maybe we can get an animal balloon instead or a crazy balloon hat. At first he was reluctant but he heard the kids laughing at Crazy Larry’s jokes so he got curious. We waited for our turn and Crazy Larry made sure my son got what he wanted, a crazy barometer hat with the colors he chose. Thanks Crazy Larry! Gabriel said it was the best hat ever! You are an amazing person and hope that you continue doing what you do.

  105. Christine says:

    So great to see you at the Canmore Family Festival. We were so relieved to see you back in action after your accident. The valley just wouldn’t be the same without “Crazy Larry Melnik” Thanks so much for all the happiness you bring to children…and adults, where ever you go. You generosity is inspiring. I feel privileged to have met someone who’s heart is bigger than life!
    Hope to see you again soon!

  106. BreAnna Boje says:

    Amazing to see someone with such a HUGE heart who carries balloons around with them all the time, just to make sure you can make others happy at every corner of your day! I hope someone helps you out with the constant costs of your balloons like Qualetex Professional balloon people.

  107. On June 5th this year 2014 we were visiting Canmore and Bannf and did drove The fabulous Kananaskis Trail. There we’ve met Larry at Grassi Lake and made a picture while he was cleaning the area. We had an informal conversation with Larry and a couple of days later we send him the picture, he was asking for. We wish Larry from The Netherlands, Zoetermeer, all the best and a quick recovery. We visit Canada already three times. A fourth time is coming up, and also come back to Bannf-Canmore.

  108. Was such a pleasure to run into you at the Safeway in Canmore over Halloween weekend and swap accident stories. D and I both hope to connect again with you in the future. D says to “keep your stick on the ice” lol

    Glad we are all back riding again!!!

  109. Abhishek ( Abby ) says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but basically Crazy Larry is like Jesus on earth for me.
    I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, lost 3 jobs in Banff and couldn’t do anything but party, I knew I had a big problem but didn’t even try to slove it or make it right.
    This one day I fooled my parents and asked them for some money, was staying at the Y mountain lodge in Banff for about a week to figure out my job and staff Accom, this is the place where I met Crazy Larry and every single day of the Week I stayed there he always tried to help me but I was on drugs or blacks out drunk. One day I sit with him and we talked things through he was trying so hard to help me out, I saw the opportunity that someone is trying to help me to get me out of that black hole I was living inn, he decided to make me sober forever and he even paid my bus tickets, brownie, coffee, bus pass, and what not its just amazing that this guy cares about people so much that it feels like he is one of your family member or more than that. He recommended me to different jobs and I did my best to get them and today am Doin great with my interview the opportunities in my career. I been sober for 2 days now and I promised him that I’ll be sober forever. He reminded me of this saying that I think I can repeat as it stuck with me ‘you may fool the whole world down the pathway of life; and get pats on your back as you pass; but the fella’s who verdict counts most in your life; is the one staring back from the glasss! ”
    I will remember this for a life time of living as Crazy Larry said I am the one that does all the work …its a choice to do his effort….for a better different life. How true does it get? Crazy Larry I will promise to do my best to keep trying THANKS to your help over my huge hills in life when no one else seemed to care; and agencies with certain time limits 9-5 doesn\t help. Thanks for being there Crazy Larry!
    You know what …your the opposite of Crazy! (some how I know you just hide behind this name) secret: Crazy Larry told me the why? Ask him! Its BANG on idea!
    As Crazy Larry would say “I finally caught onn”

  110. Abhishek ( Abby ) says:

    So, I don’t know where to start again .
    Today I was in Canmore for my job interview, I got the job and staff Accom,but I have to pay $200 cash deposit upfront to get the staff Accom before I start work,which made sense. But I didn’t have a penny and CRAZY LARRY just came down from Banff to Canmore just for me to fighure out,how we are gonna get $200. He took me to Alberta Works and he knew people over there and they said no problem we can help you out, so they called me this Monday and I’ll get $200 ,so if Crazy Larry couldn’t have came from Banff to Canmore for me I could have been homeless for over a week. I was really hungry with no money in my poket,he paid for Mac and cheese with a smoothie ,moreover he gave me a gift card for that place in case of emergencies, am just wondering how big his heart can be!
    Thanks again Crazy Larry, am proud that we have people like you in this world.
    Thanks again CRAZY LARRY

  111. Brad Chisholm says:

    Its always great to see you out and about in the Bow Valley; from making balloon animals for the kids, to cleaning up the legacy trail, to your unrelenting enthusiasm cheering on racers at all the events around town….You helped me get through many muddy, rainy, night laps at the 24hrs of Adrenaline, I always figured “Hey if Larry can stay up all night in the rain, cheering on every rider that passes through, I can make it one more lap!”
    Glad to see you’re recovering well from your accident.

  112. Sharon says:

    How can I see the videos you took at the Christmas concert?
    Love your smile.

  113. Mirko says:

    Hi CrazyLarry!
    I hope your recovery is well underway. I first met you (you probably won’t remember me as we were a bunch of people) in 2013 at the start line of the TD. It was amazing. You made us simple bikers feel like heroes. I had to think of your cheers and motivating words all day long and took some of your energy along with me for a long time. Too bad you cannot hurrah all of us in Antelope Wells, otherwise we would be there in half the time 🙂 I truly look forward to meeting you again in 2015 and hopefully this time we will get the chance to chat a little bit. Thanks again, Crazy Larry, and all my best.

  114. Chris Visser says:

    I like it. You’re a great man with a GIANT heart Mr. Larry. Don’t ever change. The world needs more of that.

  115. Kristen Walsh says:

    My girlfriends and I we’re out for a night of fun in Banff for the very first time, celebrating our best friend’s future! what a great time to celebrate!
    Now it was pretty well into the night, and I’m not one to remember too much when there’s alcohol involved but I very clearly remember meeting Larry and making a promise to him to write on his website and tell our story (even if it’s boring and uneventful). So, here I am.
    We met while standing in line at the dancing Sasquatch and there’s Larry photo-bombing us, from inside the McDonald’s, with heart shaped balloons!
    I definitely needed those balloons, so I went in to talk with Larry. What a fantastic man you are! With such a beautiful outlook on life, crazy you are not! I tried to sneak the man some money, knowing full well these balloons are not going to make it through the night, but Larry decided to chase me down and give it back. “These are from my heart” he says… okay… maybe just a little crazy, but we all are right! I wish I had more time to talk to you and get to know you. That encounter made our night, and we loved all the balloons! Thank you for being who are and we will be meeting again!
    Until next time,

  116. Crazy Larry!
    Great to see you again bud! Loved being able to cycle with you during our annual event starting in beautiful Banff and ending at Southern Alberta Bible Camp. For the last 2 years you have joined us for our first day out of the three. Cheering on cyclists, riding with us, wearing our jersey with pride, and being a genuine good guy. You are an inspiration for everyone. You love people and put others first. You lead by example in this area and I admire you because of that. Thank you for your encouragement and we look forward to cycling with you soon! Godspeed.

  117. catherine cadieux says:

    hello crazy larry its the 2 frenchies from quebec !! well i gave you my word that i would come and write our story 🙂
    so …me and my friend left from lake louise to go meet some friends in banff …we where looking for a specific bar and i have had hard time walking for like 3 days because i hurt my foot doing slackline…anways we ran into larry and asked for directions and the bar was like 2 blocks down so he offered me a ride on his bicycle to the bar so i didnt have to walk !!! it was really nice of him what a big heart! i love banff and alberta eveyones is the bomb here !!! thanks larry for your time xxxx kisses from montreal !!

  118. Dave Ameno says:

    Dear Larry Just wanted to tell I have been following the tour divide the last couple of years and I think you are a big blessing to all the riders out there. Thank you for every thing that you are doing to make your part of the world a better place God bless . Dave Ameno

  119. Sean Haskett says:

    Hey Larry It”s Sean saying Hi!. Well we won the championship again> Got a shirt for you for when you cone home>

    • Crazy Larry says:

      Sean ~ THANK you! Thank YOU! Thank You!…for telling me!!!
      I thought, I was coming home at one point, to visit / cheer at some games practices; (was the plan) family matters kept me away.
      FanTasTic News! Wow-O! The truth of the matter is: Tell the gang (possibly in a GROUP email) my heart-felt High Five, “Congratulations!!!! ”
      I honestly, have been talking about a time when I would come home; cheer you’s on; provide some nutritional tips; possibly help with some side-line candid interviews as sovenirs for the gang of ya’s!
      Would be SUPER FUN doing some video footage!!! I AM so SOOooo GLAD you got back to me with this! I was planning on getting some NEW equipment; coming home with ALL of you’s in my mind. Even the owner! That guy, with the Grey Cup rings was SO SO nice to meet. I’d love to invite you ALL at ANY time to come out and visit me here out West. Bring girlfriends, kids, family what-ever, I LOVE ya ALL!!!! I’ll show / tour you around for FREE! I have NO car (tidbit) LoL hee hee ha! ha!

  120. Chris and Dee says:

    You always know how to put a smile on people’s faces! I asked you to make something extra special for my girlfriend. You made a one of a kind heart with a flower and a hummingbird. You always come in to Tony Roma’s in high spirits and Always cheer everyone up after a long night of work. Thanks again Larry, can’t wait to see you again.

    Chris and Dee

    Ps- told you I would comment

    • Crazy Larry says:

      Dear Chris

      Coming in Chris most evenings before another enjoyable bike ride sets the tone for my mental space in my head. It took a while but I finally caught on to the fact that life is more about the giving rather than the receiving.
      Giving from the heart and making people feel good is your BEST currency out there!
      I can’t begin to Thank management for allowing me to several times weekly to come in to do a head count of how many kids are in the restaurant go off to the side counter out of the way in the overflow back room and at what seems super sonic speed to make sure (before they finish a tasty meal) they all leave with a (staff reassured) FREE happy balloon animal or flower or balloon flower table display.

      At Tony Roma’s your always a super friendly team of staff to enjoy!

      Your AmaZzzing management are true leaders in promoting the friendly atmosphere that make Tony Roma’s stand out as a “Makes your day!” destination restaurant to be!

      Leading by example Tony Roma’s really got it right when they hired Head Manager Jason who then in earnest, skillfully set out to keep the torch going for being Courteous and professional while being Super friendly went on to hire Tony Roma’s Team Managers John, and Emily is what keeps me coming back. They both have an intuitive sense to be friendly and sensitive to the needs of others, to the core! They are definitely a credit to themselves and Tony Roma’s, too!
      Jason has such the personal winning combination himself as previously just stated that he ensures that “Everyone who works there and comes is being equally valued gets treated so friendly and thus gets to feel like family”
      Those traits very much missing in society is what is so magnetic about Tony Roma’s.
      Knowing I can add some happiness for FREE as a spontaneous gesture to promote ‘giving from the heart while leaving a feeling of NO guilt to others to receive something back’ I now include this as a pillar in the things to do on each of my bike training rides.

      Everyone always seems to LIFT me higher than when I came in.
      I love you ALL to bits!
      That along with the delicious food; always cooked to perfection is such a joy to make this one of my favourite regular weekly stop-overs.

      You truly are ALL a credit not only to yourselves but also to the reputation of the Tony Roma’s name! As cook you sure know how to NAIL a consistently GOOD tasty dish of food !!!
      *** Thanks for my SUPER tasty shrimp basil tomatoe pasta dinner for my birthday!

      That WAS …one – of – a – kind balloon; the hummingbird feeding off a happy apple flower in the centre of a lovely heart shaped balloon and was certainly a pleasure to create! When you asked for something different and special I didn’t realize I could design such a creation. Glad it worked out! She SURE seemed happy HAPPY!!!

      My heartfelt Thanks to the entire staff/management for being the friendly people you truly are!!!
      Your friend

  121. Astrid says:

    You never cease to amaze!! I was just hanging in Banff with my son and his friend, and there you were! Immediately you offered to make the boys each a balloon. You are always so generous with your time and energy. Hope you got to do your ride in the rain! And don’t “take it easy”! Lol

  122. Sue says:

    Larry who is everywhere community gathers,
    Thanks for the balloons at Elevation Place today (and everywhere at all times through the years). You radiate goodness and joy, and a satisfaction with giving and being the individual you ARE. I loved watching you with my kids today, and I pray they can soak up some of that YEAH-I-AM-MYSELF vibe for their own journeys. This valley sure wouldn’t be the same without you. May blessings be abundant upon you, crazy friend to all.

  123. Justin smith says:

    Hi Larry! How are you doing my name is Justin Smith and I met you this evening at the Tim Hortons in Canmore! I have to say it was a pleasure meeting you, and I wish you all the best in your adventures to come!!!! May the long road ahead treat you well, and may the people you meet be as good as you are. Your one hell of a guy who gives so much, I am glad I could help! I wish you all the best Justin

  124. Justin smith says:

    Hi Larry! How are you doing my name is Justin Smith and I met you this evening at the Tim Hortons in Canmore! I have to say it was a pleasure meeting you, and I wish you all the best in your adventures to come!!!! May the long road ahead treat you well, and may the people you meet be as good as you are. Your one hell of a guy who gives so much, I am glad I could help! I wish you all the best Justin

  125. Kellie says:

    Was visiting Banff this past weekend when we met Crazy Larry. He amazed my 4 year old son by making 3 beautiful balloon creations. Watching the two of them interact together was such a joy! Keep doing what you’re doing Crazy Larry because it’s people like you who help make a difference in our world.

  126. Dave says:

    Hi Larry,
    Thanks for giving my boy the balloons at Tim’s on Sunday. I know it took him awhile to warm up to them, but once he did he wouldn’t let go of them all the way back to Calgary. I can tell you have a passion for children and a keen interest in childhood development. It was nice chatting with you and I hope the next time we bump into you Dex will be able to say “thank you” for the gift. Until then, all the best!

  127. Isabelle Rouleau says:

    I saw you this morning on a street corner raising awareness for homelessness and loveless for 72hr. You gave me a big hug and put me right into the Christmas spirit- The REAL CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! Thank you for doing what you do in our community! This town would not be the same without you!
    Merry Christmas!

  128. Nev Dickinson says:

    You are a true inspiration especially at this time of year
    For the people out there thinking Christmas is about the cost of the present or the latest gadget, think again! I hope one day you bump into Crazy Larry as my family and I did in Banff today.

    Wishing you a merry Christmas and may your goals be realized in 2016

    The Dickinson Family, Southport UK

  129. Sam says:

    Our kids enjoyed meeting you Larry yesterday, Dec 23, 2015, in front of Beavertails. You were doing a 72hr awareness campaign & provided to our 7 kids balloon flowers! Your demonstration opened up dialogue with our 7 kids about humanity, homeless & the love available within humanity and the community. We wish you a very Merry Christmas, the best of luck on the rest of your campaign & not too cold nights – Happy New year crazy Larry! ~the Millers

  130. Gabi says:

    I have known CrazyLarry for a long time…
    During this time, he has always helped out at many cycling events and community minded events of any type…with his good humoured ways with tying balloons for just about anyone who wishes one.
    He also, has a flare for some High Energy Announcing of which I never knew; and only heard.
    Get him at an event and he’ll definitely add the edge to give it some ZIP and CRANK the crowd with some Upbeat music and High Energy announcing. He has more energy than two border collies.

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